Thursday, March 1, 2012

You know ...

... we have it pretty good here.

That is a direct quote from my friend Aussie. And you know what? For the most part, he was right. Yes, there was some BS to deal with. Ok, a lot of BS at times. However, overall, it was good.

As Aussie would say, we weren't really worked that hard. We had a lot of disposable income. We could enjoy ourselves. For the most part he was right.

My sort of last boss was GREAT! Someone who could actually be trusted. Sure the usual BS popped up, lack of communication, but you could talk to him and he wouldn't knowingly fuck you over. He would actually stand by his word! Unlike most hagwon owners. (Which for me meant 1 in 6 hagwon owners.)

While I am enjoying my current job and being home ... I miss that job. I miss teaching.

I never watched more hockey than when I was in South Korea. I love hockey. Ask Stig, I think I drove him nuts with hockey talk sometimes. I didn't work until the afternoon and because of the time change hockey was on in the morning. :) I miss watching that much hockey. :(

Life was pretty good then. :)


  1. It was. Definitely. And I miss it, too.
    But I never had as good a boss as you did. The best of mine was neutral. It wasn't that he was bad to me, he just didn't give a shit about it one way or another. They were all looking out for themselves first.
    So I'm out, probably for good. Once I have my teaching degree, who knows where I'll land.
    But not Korea.
    It was great, and I wouldn't have missed it, but it's enough.

  2. I hear you. I wouldn't go back to Korea juts because of the BS I KNOW to expect.

  3. Going back ain't worth your time and energy Flint. I would stay in Canada if I were you. Have you thought about teaching ESL in Canada?

  4. Going back to SK isn't worth your time and energy. Have you thought about teaching ESL in Canada? You seem to enjoy teaching.

  5. Audience:

    Thanks for the advice. I can't argue with it ... and came to that conclusion myself. :)

    While I loved what I did the stress of where I was just wasn't worth it.

    I did look into teaching ESL here ... and the BS I had to go through is on Flint's Follies. ;)

    I actually managed to find a job I like and it pays better than SoKo, take that apologists and assholes. While I can always find something to complain about, life is pretty good right now. :)