Saturday, September 11, 2010

CheonYeon Cider

I found myself with some stomach problems lately. (once again, nice to NOT have a "friend" around going on about how great their health is and mine (and others) sucks.) It made me think of CheonYeon Cider ... or Ciduh.

When I was first in South Korea a few Korean co-workers went on and on about the benefits of drinking CheonYeon if you had stomach problems. Well, one day I did so I decided to try and and lo and behold it helped! I was pleasantly surprised.

In the West CheonYeon would be called cream soda. As a kid I can remember mom giving us cream soda or ginger ale (just a little) when we had an upset stomach. In the late 80's, at least where I lived, it became hard to impossible to find cream soda. Sometimes you could find the fruit flavoured crap version but not basic cream soda.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. My stomach has been botehring me, kind of gassy, and I thought of CheonYeon when what do I see on the shelf at the grocery store ... no not CheonYeon, I WISH it was CheonYeon ... regular cream soda. Bloody expensive for a little 355ml bottle, almost $2.

I am drinking it as a write this post. Letting off the odd belch. Stomach starting to feel better.

CheonYeon Cider ... it does a body good. (And tastes better than the cream soda I just had.)

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