Friday, September 24, 2010

Mook of the Week

Ah, delivery mooks. They are a dime a dozen in South Korea but sometimes they can still make you shake your head at their mookishness.

I was heading out to Road King one night and had to grab a cab. Usually, I get one at an intersection near my apartment. On one corner is a great seafood restaurant. Great, but it does seem to attract mooks. The urinating mook from last year was a patron there. In the summer there are usually a group of mooks outside drunk and mooking it up.

It also attracts delivery mooks. This guy was delivering some fish and shellfish to them and just had to park halfway out into the street. I suppose he could blame it on the mook who parked in the crosswalk and prevented him from parking there. After all, mooks don't usually accept responsibility.

So he parks with the ass end of his truck blocking one lane and almost into the second lane of the street blocking the crosswalk at the same time. He was there the whole time I was waiting to get a cab, about 15 minutes, and showed no sign of leaving then. It was hard to see a cab coming since you couldn't see down the street.

What a mook.


  1. I've mentioned before their penchant for parking on corners, even when there is space in the middle of the block.
    Fucking mooks!

  2. Do they think they're parking a car or a horse?

  3. Anonymous:

    I am sure thinking never entered the process. :)

  4. In Seoul, I saw a policeman bitching out a cabby for parking close to a corner for a side street. Of all the terrible parking examples, why the cop went all authoritative is mind bottling. It was 9:30 in the morning and it seemed to me like the cop was trying to pick a fight (which seems really weird). Maybe he had just gotten bitched out from his boss and wanted to take it out on the first person that crossed his authority.

    There I am going to catch the bus. I wave the drive to make sure he'll stop at the really small bus stop I'm at. There's an older adjosshi standing a little bit away from where the bus should stop, staring blankly away and not going to catch this bus. However, instead of using normal logic and stopping the bus where it should stop and where I am, the driver stops in front of blankly staring adjosshi (in proper neo-confucian anti-logic). Another younger Korean and I have to push a little past the guy to make it on the bus.

    Boy will things start to be different in 10-15 years.

  5. Damn. Seeing a Korean policeman doing something?!?!?

    Hopefully they will be different (better) in the future.

  6. The Korean SWAT police are bizarre. I see them either eating ice-blocks at 7-11 or fully kitted up with machine gun guarding a cordoned-off hole.
    The regular cops are just adjoshis at heart the way they drive around the corner to take a nap.