Friday, August 12, 2011

Gangster Movies

Koreans seem to love Gangster movies as much as we do in the West. The difference I have found is in the genre of movie. Most Korean gangster movies I have seen are comedies while most Western ones have been drama or action movies. Well, there was "Mickey Blue Eyes" but that piece of shit sucked big time. Most of the Korean gangster comedies have a lot of action in them.

The first Korean movie I watched was "My Wife is a Gangster". It was good. The action scenes were damn good. I had wanted to see Shiri or JSA but they were rented out. Which ended up being a good thing. It got me hooked on Korean gangster movies. :) I wasn't as impressed with the sequel and the third movie in the series actually had nothing to do with the first two. It did have one of my favourite Chinese actresses in it though, Shu Qi.

The next one I saw translated to "Kick the Moon". It took place in Kyeongju and was also good. Interesting storyline, the school tough guy becomes a teacher and the school brain/nerd becomes a gangster. They both fall for the same woman. Hilarity and a lot of violence ensues. ;)

There are lots more out there like "My Boss is my Hero" and the sequel "My Boss, My Student", "I Married the Mob" (which also had a sequel). If you are looking for a good comedy I highly recommend these films and most other Korean gangster comedies.


  1. Korean movies don't really glamorize violence. That is one of the good things about them, but it also makes them kind of hard to watch. If someone is getting smacked around it is usually by like ten guys, and they beat the person to within an inch of their lives.

    I liked the my wife is a gangster movies. My favorite Korean actress is in the latter two - Kim Su Mi- She is an old lady who is usually pretty funny.

    I haven't seen a Korean movie in a long time. I don't know if they have made any good ones recently. (Seriously, it has been like two years since I sat down to watch a Korean movie.)

  2. You should also check out 친구(Friend) if you haven't seen it yet. Not a gangster movie per se, but damn good.

  3. 3gyupsaL:

    I watched My Boss, My Student Friday night and enjoyed it. It is not a new movie though.

  4. Hsa316:

    I will put it on my list. :)

  5. Flint:
    It's a true story. It's the movie that made 장동건 a movie star.

  6. Yip yip. Saw My Wife.. and Friend and enjoyed them both. haven't seen a Korean film in a while, though.

  7. It's a little old now and its connection with your theme of 'gangster movies' is non-existent but I think 'Memories of Murder' is bloody fantastic as a film. I'm sure you've all seen it but I just wanted to throw it in.
    Anonymous 5

  8. I saw Memories of Murder when it came out. It was pretty good.

  9. Not a gangster movie either but "I Saw The Devil" is good. Very graphic. If you like vigilante movies you will like it.