Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What the ... attention?!?!?!

An Anonymous commenter, in reference to my posts and comments about John, said...

"Why pay so much attention to such an obvious troll?"

It is a fair question. The simple answer is boredom. I have too much time on my hands right now and John, much like the KKKleagle over at Korea Sentry are a way to kill some time. It is also easy to push his buttons and get him into batshit mode, which can be entertaining. Actually, much like the KKKluckers, he can go into batshit mode without any pushing of buttons.

Is that a good reason to pay so much attention to him or them? Probably not. But I never claimed to be perfect or not make mistakes. :) In fact I can guarantee you that I will make mistakes and show my ass from time to time. Everyone does. Except John in his world.

I have seen and dealt with John's type on the net since I started going on line. He is a classic example of a Troll and was doing his thing long before he came to my site. And when I get tired of giving him attention he will pout and focus on another site where he gets the attention he craves.


  1. You're right. You are bored, or you would ignore this troll like the gnat he really is.

  2. He deserves a good ignoring. You waste too much time on him. Go back to talking about your experiences in Korea.

  3. There is truth in that Anonytard.

  4. You are a butt sore coward who is afraid to post my comments! I win again!

  5. Aw, Flint. Not allowing my comments or replying to me? Cat got your tongue? Nothing to say? Ashamed? Embarrassed?

  6. Too busy to play right now. :)

  7. ^ Those aren't comments from me. The ones I actually made are still being hidden. Was it a friend of yours? Or is it you editing my post like David?

    Either way, if this is what you have to do to salvage your reputation, go right ahead. But you'll know forever that you were bested and beat the fuck up.


  8. Oh Johnny boy. Against my better judgement I am going to reply.

    You wonder why I said you were paranoid before? Someone posts in your "style" (or rather they cut and pasted comments you made elsewhere) and you claim it is some conspiracy by me or a friend of mine to get you. Really? And then you extend your batshit to say I have edited your comments. (You can't even edit submitted comments on blogger you approve or not.) Bravo Johnny, you sure proved you aren't paranoid you loopy cunt.

    I can agree if you say it wasn't you. While you are repetetive with your "ideas" you usually put out new batshit and don't recycle the old. So I could easily believe it wasn't you that posted it. Then again, using your "logic" it could be you trying to give yourself the chance to play the victim ... again.

    Hey, using your "logic" it must have been you posting the "whitey esl" crap. It was posted while you were active and pissy.

    Me? I think it wasn't you but from what I have seen of you online it wouldn't suprise me to find out you did it. Does it matter in the end? Nope.

    Oh, and if you really didn't like the way I posted to you, found it childish and stupid, you should look at the way you post. I patterned my replies on how you do it. Repeat yourself, ignore things, be obnoxious, drag up things someone said in the past, repeat yourself. :)

    What is funny is that you HATED being treated like that ... the exact way you treat others ... . exact except I don't have your ass fetish. Everytime you upped your batshit you made me smile and laugh. I guess you are good for something after all.

  9. He seems to be obsessed with beating people up not just your ass. A lot of the language he uses sounds like a schoolyard bully.

  10. It is quieter here since the douchebag shut his yap but the atmosphere is nicer.