Sunday, August 21, 2011

What the referrals 4?!?!?!?!

Searching for "what the kimchi" is still the most common referral to here. There are many others that have been used.

Some of the funnier or stranger ones are;

how to do kinchi babalety I have no idea what babalety is supposed to mean. :)

Some interesting ones.

stig korea This one has shown up a few times.

muslims in korea I find this interesting because searches like this appear monthly, directing people to WTK. There is only one post that talks about Muslims in Korea, the one about the guide to Halal food in Korea.

IVY English Academy and Oedae Language school Ilsan It is nice to see people actually checking into schools before going there.


  1. Haha. My old blog used to get the most for fairly explicit searches like "korea fuck" and "korean girl pissing". Then came "black people in korea" and "fuck japan", which always brought in the ones that like to argue.

    Nowadays I just get "david s wills". Boring.

  2. Some of the searches that brought people here are just bizarre. :)

    You may not get the funky referrals now but you still have your troll. :)