Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What the ... bad English?!?!?!?!

When I went to read the articles on the "Sea of Japan" I noticed something on the Korea Times, Worst in The Nation, web site. An animated ad for Ieodo. Why did it stick out? Well it was animated and ...

... the English used in it is, not surprisingly, BAD.

Ieodo. Korea's treasure island, belonging to Jeju with most beautiful myths and ocean research station

Oh come on Korea Times, you and the ad company need to hire a fucking proof reader who actually understands English. You consider yourself the Number 1 daily English newspaper in Korea yet you still put out a rag that regularly contains bad English in it.

Hell, hire me! I can write better than that on a bad day.


  1. Last year I did a post about moving to Korea and living in an underwater research station. I guess my myth became a reality.

  2. heh ... little did you know. :)