Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about nuclear retaliation.

If China decides to do that, expect 100 nukes towards China. When China collapses under social unrest, then it's Korea's time to take advantage of the situation and claim back Manchuria.

This was posted by the KKKunt called Vitamin200 on Korea Sentry. I managed to stay away from them for a while, thanks for the diversion John, but this one is just so stupidly funny it is hard to pass up commenting on. It was posted in response to a thread about China invading North Korea and then the South.

How moronic is this comment? Even the other KKKluckers, including Herr Consoleman realize how unbelievably stupid Vitamin200 was to say this. Herr Consoleman and others pointed out that South Korea has no nukes, North Korea doesn't have 100 nukes, and why would the US nuke China for that? For them to pick up on it and comment about how unrealistic it is means it must be extremely fucktardic.


  1. What is the stupidest thing a moron has said to you?

  2. Directly to me? There are so many choices, especially from trolls. One of the stupidest but funniest was from a YouTard who saw a picture of a house and said: "Is that your house? That is why you stink."

  3. Replies
    1. Considering how many Chinese there are that is an ambitious project. You may want to set a more realistic target.

    2. Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?