Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina 4 South Korea 1

The way the 1st half ended Arg 2 SK 1, it looked like Korea MIGHT have a chance. They didn`t. They were destroyed 4-1.

The game has two thoughts running through my head.

First, how long until the death and bomb threats and internet attacks start. With the sub-question will they be against Argentinians, the officials (and their countries), Park Chu-Young, the vuvuzelas (or however those horns are spelled) and South Africa, or some combination of the four? If past World Cup experience bears out they will at least be going after Argentina in some way.

Second, how hard are the nutizens going to come down on Park Chu-Young for scoring the won goal putting Argentina up 1-0.

It is kind of sad when you have such low expectations of people. Low expectations that are based on the reality of the depths of stupidity that are reached because many Koreans are poor losers.


  1. You forgot flag planting and bottle throwing.