Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mook of the Week

These photos are from a while ago. Stig and I were having lunch at a noodle restaurant. When we saw one .... two ... three mooks.

First this mook in pajamas with an IV in him was walking up and down the street. Not on the sidewalk mind you. On the street. Sometimes in the middle of the road. At times he would carry the IV in one hand while other times he laid it on his head. He had come out of the building across the street from our restaurant which has a "hospital" in it.

For those who haven't lived in Korea, or haven't learned yet, any place a doctor is at is called a hospital by Koreans. It can be one doctor, a clinic, or an actual hospital. They call all of them the hospital. It can be confusing for those who know the proper English terms.

Then along comes a she-mook in an SUV. She parks in front of the entrance to an underground parking lot.

Then we notice the pajama IV mook is heading to the SUV. It turns out she was coming to meet him. And what do we see? What the kimchi is that? She has a BABY strapped to her back! She is driving an SUV like a fucking moron ... errr mook ... and has a BABY between her and the driver's seat! What the fu ... errr kimchi?!?!? I have seen this stupidity with Korean's in the back seat (which is bloody horrible on its own) but not in the front! Accidents are common in Korea, because they drive like mooks. One idiot rear ends her, or she rear ends someone, and the kid is screwed. Bloody mooks!

Then along comes a stupid old bat driving a car. She sees that the she-mook has the best parking spot on the street so she has to try and out mook her. She uses the sidewalk to park on and leaves the ass end of her car blocking the entrance to an underground parking lot. What the kimchi?!? Is it a mook convention? A contest to see who is the biggest mook?

Now the 1st mook is in a quandry. A car wants out of the underground parking lot she is blocking. She has to move her SUV. What to do? What to do? She moved about 3 meters to block ANOTHER underground parking lot entrance. Once that car is out ... she backs up and blocks that entrance again. What a bizzy ditch!

Nopw the Pajamma IV mook saunters back up to the SUV with his IV bag on his head. He is meeting mommy moron. She gets out, still blocking the other entrance, and gives him the kid. He heads off into the building he came out of. Kid in his arms, IV bag on his head, IV tube within reach of the kid. She gets back into the SUV and drives off.

All in all the Mook Family Kim blocked the road and parking lots for 15+ minutes.

Then Granny Moron comes back to her car. She realizes that she still has to out-mook the Mook family to win the Stupidity Sweepstakes. So she backs out into the street and sits there blocking traffic for a good 5 minutes. And it wasn't blocking an empty road the whole time. Someone had the bad luck of having to sit behind this mook for a few minutes.

Sorry Granny but you still lose. A dumb bitch driving an SUV with a kid strapped to her back trumps just about any stupidity you could pull.

This street is now referred to as Mook Alley.


  1. Fast becoming a favorite blog of mine. Don't much like the term "mook," but yeah driving with a baby strapped to your back is pretty stupid, but not nearly the worst I've seen. My favorite is riding a motorcycle with a baby strapped to the back. Then on another occasion I saw a whole family, father, mother, and kid on a motorcycle, in busy traffic, with no one wearing helmets. The kid was at the very back of the scooter and looked to be about six or seven years old.

  2. mooking brilliant. mook mook

  3. 3gyupsal

    I have never seen a family on a motorcycle but it doesn't surprise me someone has.

    I once saw 2 people on a scooter, no helmets, and they were hauling 10+ foot lengths of thin plastic pipe. The pipe ended up hitting my taxi as they did an illegal turn. Hilarity ensued. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off taxi driver.

  4. Anonymous

    It made for an amusing lunch. Kind of like having a floor show.

  5. lol mook alley

  6. I should trademark it and sell street signs. :)