Monday, June 14, 2010

School (and recruiter) names.

Some of the names Koreans give their schools make me laugh. They are so stupid. They must be to impress parents because they sure as hell don't impress foreigners, at least not in a good way. In fact, some of them make Koreans look stupid.

Toss English ... whether you are from North America or the U.K. this name is stupid for several reasons. As someone from NA Toss English would mean throw it away. Like garbage. In the U.K. it has a whole other meaning. A blowjob. I wonder if their teachers are all called Tossers. I can see the first day of work.

Mr Kim. "Welcome Toss English. You teach good to children. We all good Tossers!"

English MouMou ... I have been told by students MouMou is Chinese for nothing. Which would mean for an English school they have a Chinese name AND the name says English Nothing. Bravo!

English Brain Food. Brain food?

CSI. Right, come to Korea and teach Crime Scene Investigation in English to elementary school kids.

CIA. I have to admit it looked cool on the Alien Card. Made for a good ice breaker. However, it looks as stupid as CSI. When students ask what it stands for we were never told. Among the teachers it stood for Cunts and Inconsiderate Assholes.

What is next? NCIS? Criminal Minds English Institute? Dr. House English Time?

Even recruiters take some of the stupidest names I have seen. Once again, it doesn't make them look good to foreigners. It makes them look like idiots.

Case in point a recruiter I saw on the web called Chosun Ilbo Delicious English Co. Ltd. What the kimchi?!?!? Delicious English?


  1. means a handjob not a blowjob in Australi and the U.K.

  2. Thanks for the correction. My mistake. I figured that was where tossed salad came from. :) Handjob makes more sense. Mind you calling your school Handjob English DOESN'T make sense. ;)

  3. It's alright...I managed to spell Australia wrong.

  4. My "favorite" was always Lego.

    Ding Dang Dong is historically among the most ridiculous.

    I'm not sure if this is the same one as "Delicious English," but I've seen ads for Deli English.

  5. Heh ... I didn't notice the misspelling. :)

  6. Brian

    Lego. heh.

    yeah, Ding Dang Dong is up there.

    I always got a kick out of the hagwons naming their classrooms after Ivy League schools.

  7. I love the "Enghlish" school in Busan. HAHAHA. No joke. For jokes go here.

  8. My favourite was "Mr. Park's Englsih."

  9. Anonymous

    Heh, that would not look good. :)

  10. We have 'Butter English' across the street. And a bunch of 'English Twon' buses drive by E-mart all the time. :)

  11. Butter English? heh

    I saw a Reading Twon bus once. :)

  12. I've heard the phrase 'tossing off' and it supposedly means jerking off. What a versatile word 'toss' is!

  13. I remember the 2nd hagwon I worked for. It wasc called "New York." I walked into the lobby to start my contract in March of 2002. The wall was dominated by a HUGE photograph of the New York skyline, and the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in particular.
    I can't tell you how many times I saw students simulate plane crashes on that photo. Some of them even wished it was Tokyo they were dive bombing.