Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mook of the Week

I don't know anyone who has lived in South Korea and NOT seen someone pissing publicly. Some try to conceal it a bit but most don't.

One night Stig and I were sitting out front of a convenience store near my apartment. We were enjoying some beer and a good cigar. There is a seafood restaurant at the top of the street. During the summer they have outside tables as well as inside.

Two mooks strolled down about halfway to where we were sitting. (Across the street from us.) They then proceeded to whip out their tallywhackers and hose down the alleyway/entrance to an apartment building.

All we could do was shake our heads in disgust. I didn't have my camera out or I would have taken a picture of them. Just in case I got the camera out.

Lo and behold a while later another mook shambled down the street from the restaurant. He didn't bother with the alley/entrance. He just pissed on the curb in view of everyone. He looked a little surprised when the flash went off. After the shock dare I say he was a little ... pissed off? Better than being pissed on.

What really marks this idiot as a mook is the location of ... a bathroom. There is a bathroom in the restaurant. The mook actually had to go FURTHER out of his way to piss on the street. What the kimchi?

It is hard to think of "The Strangest" pissing encounter I have had, or rather seen. There have been so many over the years. A guy standing in the door of a restaurant pissing out onto the sidewalk. A guy dropping his drawers and pissing on a phone pole in front of a store. A woman (from the same restaurant the guy stood in the doorway of but on a different day) whipping her kids panties off, hauling her dress up and holding her against a telephone pole to piss. A woman letting her kid piss against a power box in front of a dunkin donuts while the sidewalk was crowded. Ah, the restaurant people ... I should mention there was a bathroom they could have used.

Ok ... the strangest public pissing I have seen has got to be this incident. I was waiting for a taxi to come by and 2 women were walking down the sidewalk. Picture this. You and a friend are walking down a sidewalk. To your left a foreigner is at the road side trying to hail a cab. To your right, partially on the sidewalk, an adjosshi has his pants and underwear around his ankles proudly pissing away. Who would you stare at and make comments about? Of course for the Koreans it was the foreigner. Which, as I have said a few times previously, makes me wonder JUST how commonplace public urination is if seeing a foreigner is less common and evokes more of a reaction. Two sets of mooks for one that night.


  1. The one public piss-fest that still haunts me is the kid in a shopping cart pissing into a bottle held by some ajumma. Just over his shoulder I can see the bathroom. This was in Costco, where there is all kinds of food that I want to put in my body.
    Mookity mook mook mook!

  2. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! Don't buy the apple juice.