Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ivy English School - YongAm-Dong Cheongju Part 6

Even after all of that the Kim’s were still trying to screw me over.

As soon as they found out I was looking for work in Cheongju they basically blacklisted me through the Hagwon Association. Before that I was looking in Daejeon and they actually gave me a good recommendation. However, as one recruiter told me, Mr. Kim did not want me “working in HIS city.” They would tell other Hagwon owners I was a bad teacher and a horrible person. Of course they took the Kim’s word for it and I was having no luck finding work. Which just made me want to go back to cheongju even more.

Then I found out my 1st boss was now recruiting. I contacted her and told her the problem I was having finding work in Cheongju. She said she would look into it. What this meant is that she would call Mr. Kim and talk with him. They met, he told her a bunch of lies. She then talked to me and I told her my side. I also told her that Park had been involved and could tell her how much of what Mr. Kim said was BS. Park had worked for her when I did. He backed up what I said. Now she knew, because a Korean confirmed what I said, that Mr. Kim lied to her. She wanted to get me a job in cheongju, and did, to piss him off. She found me one of those rare honest Hagwon owners. Best boss I ever had.

That summer I had to renew my passport. I talked to the pharmacist in YongAm-dong and asked him to be a reference. He knew me for 3+ years. I used to work beside his pharmacy. He had no problem doing it.

Unfortunately, he signed his name too big to be accepted by the passport people. A couple of the letters went just outside the box. Two weeks later I had to go back and get him to sign it again. It should have been no problem.

Yet it was a problem. All of a sudden he had no English. This is a guy you could have conversations with. He went on in Korean, the gyst of it being he had mentioned to Mr. Kim that he was a reference for me. Mr. kim told him he shouldn’t, I am a bad person. So he wasn’t interested in being a reference anymore. I asked him if he was serious. In perfect English he said “This is not my problem.” And ripped up the paper. I vented some language at him and left.

It took a lot for me not to go up to Ivy School and throw Mr. Kim out the window. It is bad enough the piece of shit tried to prevent me from getting work. The asshole was now trying to fuck with renewing my passport.

I found out that they had opened a second school, an SLP franchise. Which was kind of strange/stupid because they were then competing with themselves and the other schools in the area.

An old co-worker texted me one day to let me know Ivy School was closing. They were bleeding students. Which was no surprise considering how the Kim’s ran the school. They tried re-opening as “Ivy School Reborn.” That didn’t work and it closed for good. Couldn’t happen to more deserving assholes. They still have the SLP franchise in YongAm-Dong though.

So, if you are looking for work and see an ad for SLP in YongAm-Dong, Choengju, or a recruiter mentions it, run do not walk away. They are scum of the Nth degree.

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