Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mook Of The Week

Well, my time in Korea is just about up. I haven't had any responses to my applications, and nothing appealing has appeared on my radar.
But, Flint and I have many photos of many mooks to expose, so let's get to this week's idiot.
Flint and I used to spend our Sundays on the patio at Dunkin Donuts. It was a busy intersection. There were a lot of opportunities to see ritual idioting behaviour, as well as a never-ending parade of Korean hotties to shamelessly ogle.
Tap, tap.
There was a taxi queue next to the building, as it was just down the block from the bus terminal. The queue would stretch around the block, and the taxi drivers would often take up room in a travel lane, in a crosswalk, and generally slow traffic down. But god help anyone who did the same thing! The cab drivers would beep their horns and swear at the offender for doing the same thing they just did, and are about to do.
There aren't any back alleys, and not a lot of loading docks for Korean businesses, unless it's a major concern like a department store. Delivery trucks stop at the curb in front of whatever business, and bring in the supplies across the sidewalk, blocking traffic. Sometimes they'll park on the sidewalk and block pedestrian traffic.
Now, one afternoon, Flint and I witnessed the delivery to end all deliveries, perpretrated by this week's mook. He was bringing supplies to Dunkin's, and leaving it by their front door. But he wasn't piling it near the door, he was piling it in front of the door.

Your average mook will always do it. it never fails. They'll go to the narrowest point of any lane of traffic and stop there, blocking up the works for everyone else. There's been many times that Flint and I have seen this entrance blocked by mooks milling around, seemingly without any other purpose.
But this... This was a guy working for a business, and not even thinking about the business, and how someone might want to get in and spend their hard earned dollar.
You sir, are a mook!


  1. I was thinking about that just the other day. :)

  2. That's fucking mind bottling.