Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mook of the Week

I was looking through the archives again and came across this mook who lived and parked near my apartment. That is about the only thing that makes him special. He is a common sort of mook who parks where and as he pleases regardless of how it affects others.

He would usually park just like this. Blocking 2 lanes instead of just one. Creating a bottle neck in the cross road.

His crappy parking jobs almost caused a few accidents. The roads he would block tended to have quite a bit of traffic. There is a corner store across from where he parked. This would cause other mooks to park blocking the rest of the street.

You would see the bus driver out on weekends washing the bus in that spot. His back to potential traffic. his mind, what he has that passes for one, focused on the bus. I almost ran into him with my scooter a few times when he was doing that. He would just blindly walk backwards into the part of the road he wasn't blocking. Then when you beep your horn and yell at him to watch out he would have the old slack jawed look. Then he would look at me like I just did something wrong and mutter. Even having his mookishness pointed out to him would never stop him from mooking it up the next time.

Just a garden variety mook in Korea.

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