Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mook of the Week

I dug into my archives for this weeks mook. This one involves stupid parking AND driving through a crosswalk.

I was sitting inside the Dunkin Donut's near work, it has no patio :(, watching the mooks go by. I noticed an SUV parked ON the sidewalk in front of the bank.

After about 15 minutes I noticed a guy walk between it and the bank. It was hard to tell if he was putting something in the passengers side or stopping to have a whizz. He did look very mookish so I wondered if it was the SUV driver. I was right, he came around and hopped in the drivers side.

Then he proceeded to back up while people were using the sidewalk, and standing around the crosswalk waiting for the light to cross. (I didn't get pictures of that as I was shooting video of it.)

Of course he only had one way of getting off the sidewalk without driving over the curb. That was by driving through the crosswalk.

Being a mook he didn't bother looking to see where pedestrians were when he started backing down the sidewalk. Nor did he pat much attention to the cars on the street when he pulled out into the crosswalk and onto the road.

Sadly, this type of behaviour was fairly common. The stupid parking and not paying attention can all be seen on a normal day in South Korea. The driving through crosswalks I saw at LEAST once a month.

A sense of entitlement, horrible driving skills, and oblivious to those around you. You sir are a classic mook.


  1. Although mookish, many stores will tell you to park on the sidewalk.