Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YouTube Whackjobs

I have mentioned my old YouTube page before, and the attention that it still receives. Usually the attention is from angry Gyopos. Angry because I dared to talk about problems I had in Korea.

The pro-Korea faction uses some of the same tactics as an apologist. Most are just angry, hateful, and come off as more than a tad insane. Some, a few, take a more rational approach. Mind you even when they do you can see where they just don't pay attention to reality at times.

The anti-Korean faction is just as bad, sometimes worse. By anti-Korean I don't mean people who post their negative experiences in Korea or criticize it. I mean the idiots who are just as hateful and racist as the Korean Kimchi Kommandoes but focus their bile at Korea. But I digress.

I recently had one nutjob make a nasty post on an old video about racism. Actually, he posted the same thing 5 times. Then he removed the post, I guess he didn't realize that you still get notified about the post he made. THEN he sent a friend request with the statement that I should know racism is worse in Japan than in Korea.

I use nutjob for a few reasons. First, the racism video is over 2 years old. I don't really use the site much anymore. Except for teasing some of the whackjobs with text I have only posted 1 video in over a year and it was saying why I am not posting anymore.

Secondly, IF the idiot actually watched the videos he would know that I don't live in Japan, haven't lived in Japan, and only ever visited Japan for an overnight VISA run to Fukuoka. How the blue hell would I know what racism is like, personally, in Japan? Having lived in South Korea for 9+ years I do have an inkling of what it is like there. Which pro-Korea nutjobs don't like hearing. :)

Now if I was to answer the guys question based on my time in Japan I would have to say South Korea is WORSE than Japan. Much worse. based on my 2 days and 1 night in Fukuoka I was never stared at, never pointed at. I noticed no one rambling on gaijin this or that. And if I based any answer to the question on that limited experience I would be a fucking moron.

Finally, why the hell would I add some whackjob who spammed me with attacks as a friend?

It still amuses me to see just how stupid many of the people using YouTube are.


  1. The racism (or xenophobia or "awkwardness") in Korea comes mainly from it being the poor man of Asia with a whole lot of blueball nationalism. They rant and rave and forget that the Korean War ever happened.
    I've always heard of racism in Japan, but the worst I've ever come across has been old women not sitting by me on the train. Which I'm always happy about anyways.
    Of course both countries have racism, but I know which one feels like a modern country on more levels and doesn't make my blood pressure rise.

  2. I hear you Anonymous. :)

    It was strange when I was Fukuoka. I KNEW something was wrong but I couldn't place it. It was like I was waiting for something to happen and it didn't. Then i figured it out. No one was staring, pointing, etc. It felt nice not to be treated like an animal in the zoo.