Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What the ... hatchet job?!?!?

The expat community in South Korea is in a bit of an uproar again. Why? Well, the World's Worst Newspaper is at it again with their anti-foreigner vitriol. Kang ShinWho has yet another negative story about foreigners, this time focusing on an on-air personality, Adam Walsh.

Adam went to work on a radio program while sick. He found that he couldn't perform the job and another host took over. Is that a big deal? Of course it is to racist pieces of shit like Kunt ShinWho. In the Korea Times he has to speculate about whether Adam was drunk or not. He covered himself as he always does by attributing the comments to anonymous sources, people who posted on a websites comment section, or just parroting what AES has to say without verifying their made up "facts". In other words ... unreliable sources that no proper media outlet would use.

Adam and Kang the Kamikaze Kunt (feel free to just substitute KKK when thinking of Kang) have a history. Kang is a spokesmouth for the Anti-English Spectrum assholes. He blindly prints whatever anti-foreigner bullshit AES spews out. Adam has called AES on their behaviour, in print, many times in the past.

For my part I can understand people (them durn furriners) being pissed off but I can't understand why anyone would be surprised by the story. Yes, it is attacking someone who can't defend themself in print anymore. Korean's are never braver than when you are defenseless. Yes it uses unreliable sources. Yes it looks like character assassination and doesn't really have any "proof". But it is the Korea fucking Times we are talking about. The most useless piece of shit to ever call itself a newspaper. And Kang ShitWho, the worst reporter in South Korea and maybe all of Asia. Maybe the world. Kang shin Who and the Korea Times go together quite well. They complete each other. The Lousy Newspaper and the Lousy Reporter. A marriage made in xenophobic heaven.

In a way I can also understand why Koreans would believe the idea of someone being drunk at work. It is pretty common to see people hungover, or even drunk, at work. I have had bosses who would often have liquid lunches. I can't count the number of Thursday nights my co-workers went out on the piss. Then they would all be hung over the next day. There were times when some of them didn't even make it to work on time because they were so hung over. So, if Adam were a South Korean, it would be easy to believe he was drunk on the job. No wonder some douchebags were so quick to jump on that, it is something they probably do every week. Of course this does make them a bunch of hypocritical fucktards for complaining about it.

Mind you it is also easy to see how Adam being sick could confuse the Koreans. This is a country where you are NOT expected to use sick days. Where you are expected to come in even if you are dieing. Hell, I had pneumonia and was in a fever induced stupor and let the school convince me to teach. (They actually wanted me to be in the hospital, then when I said I could just take medicine at home insisted I came to work. I guarantee you the kids didn't learn anything then.) That is what South korean bosses are like. That is what South Korean employees are like. How could you be sick and not perform your job even if you would do it poorly? It just doesn't compute with them.

What I would like to know is if Adam is going to sue or not? If a blogger can be sued by his hagwon for posting about how the school fucked him over does Adam have any standing to sue the Times? After all, it is Korea and the truth is NOT a defense. Your reputation is more important than the truth. This clearly hurts Adam's reputation.


  1. "On-air personality." Actually, that makes me seethe a little right there. Anyway, was Adam speaking jibberish? I need to know.

  2. From what I have read, from foreigners, he had problems pronouncing words. The only person to use the word gibberish was KSW in his Kt article.

    As Brian said "Walsh, for his part, blames illness, and what I'm getting at in the title with the cliched complaint against foreign teachers is that I suspect few listeners---and viewers---would be discerning enough to judge a native speaker's English as alcohol-impaired."

  3. If he was mispronouncing words who would know or care?I must say the lengthy apology was a bit cringeworthy though.

  4. Yeah it was a tad long. I prefer shorter and straight to the point.

    Who know or care? Someone with an axe to grind against him. Kunt ShitWho.

  5. The part in this post where you were talking about sick days reminds me of an EPIK meeting that I went to in July.

    The regional supervisor for Gyeongnam made a point of saying that we shouldn't use sick days and that, "Korean teachers come to school when they are sick."

    How short memories people have. Just last year around this time festivals were being canceled and people were being quarantined because of swine flu.

    Luckily I was able to use a few sick days last year. It wasn't because I was sick, it was because I misread my contract. I got married last October. I was awarded seven days leave. I thought that that was seven work days leave, but it turned out that it was seven days including the weekend.

    The week before my wedding when they told me that that wasn't the case, when I had already made plans to spend a few days taking care of my parents when they came, and when it seemed imminent that I would get violent, they let me use some sick days to fill in the gap.

    Long story short. My school pisses me off every once and a while, but I can deal with them.

  6. At my hagwon last year we had students with swine flu, or who MIGHT have been exposed to it kept home while students with the regular flu (and some looked like they were dieing) were STILL coming. ONLY swine flu was a good enough reason not to be there. Bloody insane.