Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mook Of The Week

This week's mook is whoever put the sidewalk in across the street from the elementary/middle school in Oksan. The street that runs past my hagwon runs another block south before ending in a T-intersection at the school. The sidewalk was installed running east and west from that intersection. Railings were put in place to separate the sidewalk from the street, and the usual signage about looking out for kids was added. There're speed bumps on the road as well, encouraging everyone to take it slow where children are apt to be crossing the street. Not that it slows the mooks down very much. I mean, if you're a stupid shit-for-brains moron with no more brains than God gave a tree stump, why would you slow down for a speed bump, or a sign, or a child in the middle of a crosswalk?
That's why the sidewalk was a great idea. It gives the kids a kind of a refuge from the mooks going past.
the sidewalk (east and west) STOPS in the middle of the block, forcing whoever is using it back out onto the street.
What the kimchi?!
Who installs half a sidewalk?
A mook, that's who!


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