Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the ... anchor?!?!?

I was watching The Daily Show and heard a term I had never heard before. Anchor Baby. The term refers to the children illegal immigrants have in the US in order to get a foot in the door. The child will have US citizenship and will therefore be able to sponsor the parents.

Fox news latest cause celebre is lashing out against Anchor Babies. I found it interesting to see them only go on about the children of illegal immigrants. I can remember reading articles about South Koreans who travel to the US to have their children so the kids will have US citizenship. South Koreans actually call it birth tourism. Hell, I didn't just read about it, one of my old co-workers did it. Both of his kids were born in the US for the sole purpose of getting US citizenship. (What makes this kind of shake your head funny is that the last time I was talking to him he was getting ready to immigrate to Australia with his family. Not the US.)Isn't that pretty much the same as what the illegal aliens are doing? The only difference is one is in the US illegally while the others is abusing a tourist VISA.

Why would South Koreans be doing this? According to the Korean times it is used, mainly by wealthier Koreans, so their kids can get US citizenship thus avoid mandatory military service and have access to the US education system. If my old co-worker is any gauge another reason is that it puts a family member "there" who can later help other relatives get into the US, visiting relatives, on a tourist VISA to have their kids. Pretty much exactly what the illegal immigrants are doing that has Fox's panties in a bunch.

Koreans have also taken this to another extreme through adoption. Korean parents will PAY older, white, American families to adopt their children so the kids will have access to the opportunities US citizenship gives. Is this any different than having an anchor baby? It is definitely more disturbing than having an anchor baby.


  1. Sometimes I ponder about the shit that Korean parents put their kids through. The kids sit in my class, yawning because it's their 1,000th class of the day (with 650 more to go) and it breaks my heart. Especially the little ones.
    Korean values seem very shallow to me. I ask the kids what they want for their birthday, and they say money. They don't want to go anywhere for vacation, they just want to sit at home and play computer games.
    This "birth tourism" kind of puts their patriotism and loyalty in question, doesn't it?
    Just what kind of values do they have that aren't selfishly oblivious?

  2. How do they get to the US when they're 9 months pregnant? It seems like people in immigration would catch on, but what can you do about it I guess. I suppose they're more worried about catching the Mexicans sneaking over the border to have kids than the Korean tourists.

  3. It does make you wonder Stig. I wonder about the wisdom of having your kids legally adopted and living in another country. All it takes is one couple who says "The kid is ours now. Fuck you. You put them up for adoption." The parent would have no standing to even see the kid.

    How would it make the kids feel? Your parents put you up for adoption so you could go to school in America?

    As with many other things Koreans do it seems a tad extreme.

  4. HI DC :)

    It does make you wonder. Maybe they are too focused on Mexicans.

    My co-workers wife has a sister in the US. 2-3 months before the due date she went to "visit" her sister.

  5. Let's face it - Koreans are probably the most hypocritical people non Koreans will ever meet.

    When you put that with the nouveau middle class snobbery and competitiveness/envy that's strong in Korea, you have many Koreans who are incredibly shallow. They can't see how contradictory their thought patterns and behavior are.

    There's a lot of jealousy about how much waygugs supposedly are earning in Korea (I've heard it time and time again from Koreans)yet it doesn't enter the same jealous Koreans' heads that we pay taxes,social insurance and contribute mightily to the economy.

    However, Koreans generally and unthinkingly consider it's their god-given right to live anywhere outside Korea and take advantage of the more open residency/citizenship advantages.

    Including welfare which is why Koreans are so keen to go to western countries including some where you don't have to contribute a dime to get welfare. There are countries which give generously out of taxpayers' revenues even if there's been no contributions made by the receiver.

    You can bet your last nickel Australia is too generous like this. Koreans see nothing wrong with gaming any non Korean system but scream and hate when some foreigner gets a benefit in Korea that they actually paid or worked for.

    Hypocrisy's a way of life for most Koreans. Kinda like their copying of everything that's non Korean including pop/hiphop music.

    The moron PSY has lifted the tune of his stoopid Gangnam Style right out of dance songs from the 90s. Hopefully he'll be hit with a copyright case soon, the dickless jerk.

  6. Fatburger

    I hear PSY got signed on by Usher's label.