Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mook of the Week

Here is the latest Mook of the Week. I can hear it now "Flint you are picking on the handicapped. How evil of you. " To which I say piss off. A mook is a mook.

I know the handicapped have a hard time in Korea but this guy is an idiot. Unfortunately by the time I stopped the scooter and got the camera out the real stupid stuff was over. Basically he drives his wheelchair the same way most Koreans drive their cars. Like a fucking moron.

He went through a red light to cross the road while traffic was coming. Almost hit, or was hit by?, a car turning onto this street. Then he drives the down the street almost hugging the center line. As you can tell from the pictures there are UNOBSTRUCTED sidewalks on either side of the road. Why the blue hell would you you take your wheelchair on the road when the sidewalk is clear? Actually he had the same type of sidewalks on the street I first saw him on.

I think the best way to sum it up is to harken back to the wisdom of Stig. We saw a mook do something similar on a busier street. Stig just shrugged his shoulder and said "I guess we know why he is in a wheelchair."

You sir are a Mook.


  1. He seems like a mook.

    It's funny how this could be absolutely anywhere in Korea... The shitty scenery, the ugly tower blocks... This truly ain't no land of diversity.

  2. KRD

    Yeah it is bloody boring most of the time.

  3. So many of the mooks I see are when I am driving. My hands are full, obviously, so they are not preserved for posterity.
    I could drive like a Korean, and pay more attention to photography than the road, but...
    I teach in a small town, and I do kindergarten in another building. While I was on the way to do a kindi, I saw this old mook walking down the street. Literally down the street. Not on the sidewalk, but on the street. He was a fairly old mook, and fairly crippled up with... something. It looked like one whole side of his body was paralyzed. Each step was no more than a few inches at a time, if that. But he was out on the street, inching his way down one of the traffic lanes, and not looking to be off the street any time this century.
    This small town is very small, but has a lot of traffic going through it for all of that. There're a lot of big trucks, Kim Kadiddlehoppers on their tractors, and the usual assortment of Krazy Korean Kartriders fucking up traffic any way they know how. I wonder how they feel about this fucking mook inching his way down the street, totally screwing up traffic, with absolutely no concern for the niceties of civilized society?
    They're probably all younger than him, and let him get away with fucking them in the ass, because that's the way they fucking do things in this country!

  4. As someone who is sometimes in your car I am glad you don't take pictures while driving.

    Fucking Senior-Junior bullshit!