Thursday, April 22, 2010

What the ... KKK?!?!?

I have been working on this post for awhile. It seems more timely now considering Lousy Korea closed her blog. From what I have heard she was receiving death threats, which she would have put up with. The kicker was some Korean Kimchi Kommandoes threatening to kill another bloggers children. Lousy felt enough was enough, the KKK are too insane. Thus she gave in to the assholes and ended the blog. It is hard to fault her thinking.

The Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes. I can't think of a better, non-vulgar, name for some of the "Korean" nutizens and other so-called "Defenders" of Korea. They like to believe they are "defending" Korea from the rest of the world. Most of the time they just make Korea and Koreans look bad. Many of them are kyopos. Some of whom have NEVER been to the "motherland". Yet they think that the KNOW what life is like in Korea and have the temerity to imply they speak for all Koreans.

How do they make themselves and Korea look bad? They act out like children.

Look at the Winter Olympics. They didn't like a call against the Korean skaters. The usuall fuckery happened. Death threats to the Australian judge, who was ONE of several judges to make the decision. A bomb threat to the Australian Embassy. And a lot of whining. Much like what happened during World Cup 2006. The Swiss beat Korea. The Swiss embassy recieved a bomb threat. Korean nutizens caused the Embassy server to crash spamming it with hate mail. Sadly, this is a pretty normal reaction when the KKK don't like something.

God forbid someone posts something on the internet that they feel (rightly or wrongly) is anti-Korean. These whack jobs will do all they can to destroy the person. They will try and find your personal information and post it on the internet. They will try and get people to call your work place and get you fired. They will deluge you with hatemail and death threats. Your avegare Korean doesn't seem to be able to handle any criticism of Korea. These nutjobs take it to a new level.

After the English Spectrum bull shit the nutizens used the net to rally themselves. They organized hunts for foreigners in Hongdae. The Anti-English Spectrum group formed to stalk and harass foreign English teachers in Korea.

It isn't just the netizens though. Korean protesters don't help either. To protest Japan claiming Dokdo some Koreans beat pheasants to death in front of the Japanese Embassy, ate their entrails, and threw the carcasses at the Embassy. This was done to show the world how CRUEL Japan is. All it did was make Koreans look like psychoes to the world.

Another protest saw a live baby pig literally ripped into 4 by a crowd of protestors. This is how sane adults protest? No it isn't and it makes Korea look barbaric and cruel to the rest of the world.

Then you have the places these idiots make to speak out and "defend the motherland". The web sites they make tend to hurt their cause more than help it.

A Grand Wizard (Ok the title is Grand Master but how could one not alter it.) on one site would say things like;

"Well that's good. At least you're not like that n-ggah blackboon mike in Korea blogger who whines and gripes about "scrimination and shiet" 24-7 on his defunct blog. Or that youseok aborigine who plays the race card and poses and pretends that he's a black guy, because a lot of abrogines of australia look like black people. I find most of the hardcore anti-Korean racist to be black foreigners living in Korea. They try to bring white-guilt and their victimhood to Korea and the rest of Asia and also want to be treated like king"kong" and queens. LOL!"

"LOL! Armenians remind me of those messicans. They tend to be arrogant, pushy and cocky. A lot of them have dark brown skin and look like hispanic people. I didn't know that a lot of them are on welfare, though.

Exactly. This kind of shit happens to us Koreans and many other fellow Asians living in the US and other western countries. Yet, we don't act childish and immature by going online and starting blogs calling people racial slurs, or posting news articles that badmouth your host country."

This from a KKKommando who had a blog taken down because of its racist vitriol. It was nigger this and darkie that. But hey they don't act childish or immature by going online starting blogs calling people racial slurs or anything like that. Unless of course you look at the blog he set up or the site they gather at. Personally I think blogspot should have left it up because it just showed what a racist piece of shit the Grand Wizard is.

"Basically children from Korean farmer dads and SEA mothers are going tobe bottom of the social ladder and very few fortunate will succeed the expectation and become fully accepted by Korean community. "

The person who posted this is stating a truth about how mixed-race people are treated in Korea. Instead of talking about how that is not a good thing, it is racist, he blames Korean women.

"It's shame to see many Korean girls in South Korea willing to marry foreigners with any kind of looks and with poorer financial backgrounds but turns blind eyes to local rural farmers. "

Then you have another Grand Wiard saying this about crime in Japan.

"Sadly, Japanese aren't interested in their crime unless there are "Korean" involved. It's like entire Japan is evolved around Koreans."

Wow Mr. Pot can you see Mr. Kettle trying to get your attention? Insert Koreans and foreigners and you pretty much have life in Korea viewed through such journalistic wannabes as the Korea Times, Korean Herald, and other so called media outlets. Hell the website this KKKunt posts on perpetuates this BS. The site that some of these Lousy KKKunts come from actually makes Lousy Korea's blog look TAME at times. (I don't usually talk directly about these kind of sites because I don't feel like sending hits their way. I am making an exception for the Grand Wizards and the other Lousy KKKers.)

Mind you this does show a big difference between the way these people think and the way I, and a lot of other people I know, think. The KKK will talk about how they don't care about discrimination against foreigners because they were discriminated against. Or they heard Koreans were discriminated against. They will spew out racist garbage in order to complain about racists. I do care. I didn't tolerate racism when I saw it at home. If I saw people treating foreigners back home the way many Koreans do here I would and did SAY something. If the Canadian media was putting out blatantly anti-foreigner BS I would say something. When I do move back home I am not going to treat Koreans I meet badly just because of assholes in Korea or on the net.

What these idiots fail to realize is that when they "speak out for Korea" they make Korea look bad. They whine about people complaining about Korea and people who are racist towards Korean while just spewing out their own racist crap. For protecting Korea they get a big FAIL. For making Korea and Koreans look bad they get an A+.

To the KKKommandoes all I can do is take a page from John Stewart and say Go Fuck Yourselves!


  1. Thanks KRD.

    There are good Koreans. There are good and bad everywhere. But these assholes make all Koreans look bad.

  2. It's like they're trying to make them all look bad.

  3. It really does. Either it is intentional or they are just fucking retarded. Mind you after perusing the KKK site today I am leaning toward ricetarded.

  4. I do enjoy a lot of the k-blogs. I read lousy for a while. I understood her frustration all too well. She ABSOLUTELY did push the envelope too far on many occasions. Everyone deals with culture shock and differences in a different way, and I always felt this was her way of getting it out of her system. Do I think she hates Korea and Koreans? Probably not. Maybe she just went about venting in the wrong way. The blog was OBVIOUSLY written in an exaggerated tone, half the stuff she wrote was rather tongue-in-cheek. She ridiculed herself as much as she did anyone else. Does anyone really think she actually threw garbage at adjummas from her window? No. Was it a joke in poor taste? Perhaps, but the threats against her, the kids etc. really do nothing but prove her correct in many of her “jokes” and statements about Korea and Koreans.

  5. I knew "Tiny Retarded Korean Stalker" would have his blog cancelled so I took screen shots of it. The moron didn't have the guts to show up in Indianapolis either.

  6. Youseok

    What can I say. He is exactly the putz I thought he would be. All bluster. No balls.