Friday, April 9, 2010

What the ... spell check?

I had planned on staying away from the Dokdo issue. I knew there was an article out in the craptastic Korea Times about it but stayed away. Then I was at Korean Rum Diary and read his post about the article. There isn't much more to say that he didn't cover.

The thing that sticks in my mind the most is the poor English used on the bracelets. They all say
"Dokdo is Korean Territory" and "East Sea is Korea". The East Sea is Korea? What the kimchi?!?!? And here I thought Korea was a landmass, a peninsula in Asia. It turns out is a body of water! Wow! What the kimchi are these morons doing building stuff on the peninsula if Korea is the East Sea? They are stealing someones land! Morons!

It REALLY makes the Korean American groups Korean American Leaders Association (KALA) and BYON International look like ricetards. They couldn't find someone to proof read what they wanted to say properly in America? It is bad enough when this crap happens in Korea and there is no excuse for it. But to have such crappy English in the US? It makes you wonder if they can find their own ass without a road map.

It is hard to take people who are either so lazy or stupid, or both, seriously. Add to that the fact that their newspaper campaigns made the Americans who noticed them think the islands are disputed.

I have a hard time believing they will ever learn.


  1. You know, there are some nice people here, and some smart people.

    That's the same with every other country in the world, and everywhere these are the quiet ones - the ones that don't make a difference.

    In Korea there are too many morons and this country will never change. I feel sorry for the good ones - the people who are lumped in with the idiots and stuck with the international humiliation by virtue of blood.

  2. I can't even figure out what "Korea is East Sea" is supposed to mean. That the East Sea belongs to Korea? Or that Korean's call it the East Sea?

  3. I know I approved another post for her and it says there are 3 but I can't see the new post.

  4. Damn ... now the post shows.


    Odds are they meant to say they call it the East Sea but as with most English attempted by Koreans it came out ... wrong.