Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What the ... traffic violation?!?!?

HT to Marmot's Hole for pointing out K-Popped's post.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Korea should know the disregard Koreans have for traffic laws. Whether it is running red lights, doing illegal u-turns (which is kind of amazing because there are legal u-turns in Korea), driving through crosswalks, moronic parking, or any other kind of violation. They occur on a daily basis.

Anyone who follows this site knows that Stig and I often hang out at a Dunkin Donuts that has a patio on weekends and watch the hustle and bustle around us. You can't turn go a minute without seeing a traffic offense of some sort. We have seen the police walking around just ignoring the violations.

Evidently, KBS won't ignore them. They have announced that they will no show Rain's video Love Song because ... make sure you are sitting down ... he is show running across a deserted street in the video. What the kimchi?

Yes, Rain's video shows him blatantly violating one of Korea's traffic laws. The cad! How dare he! Thank god KBS refuses to show this horrible behaviour. It could have resulted in Koreans J-walking. We all know that what law abiding people Koreans are, especially when it comes to traffic laws. And how easily they are influenced by K-Pop stars. Now the streets will be safe from J-walkers and other traffic law breakers.

What a pile of horse shit. I haven't seen many Rain videos. Thanks to Stephen Colbert, thanks only because it was funny, I saw one. In it we see someone running down a street, destruction of property. I guess KBS just had enough of the tom foolery that is Rain and had to put their foot down.

Mind you the morons in charge at KBS probably violated 10 or more traffic laws the day they made the decision to ban his video. Hypocritical morons. If they were REALLY concerned about people violating traffic laws they would have actually taken steps to educate the public and address the problem by tackling the major problems and not a video.


  1. I met Flint for lunch today, and I was stuck at a traffic light behind two mooks. When the light turned green, the first mook made an illegal left turn (through a crosswalk), while the second mook just sat there. I guess he was distracted by something shiny, because he didn't move til I beeped my horn. Then HE made the same illegal left turn the first mook made.
    Well, I went further down the road to where I could make a legal left turn. I got stuck behind yet another mook who was waiting to turn. The light was green, and there was no oncoming traffic, but the mook waited until the left turn arrow came on.

  2. And we can all "blame it on the" Rain's new video. The bastard! :)