Friday, April 16, 2010

Mook of the Week

Yea though I walk through the shadow of the valley of Mooks I shall fear no Mook because I have a shiny object.

Welcome to the latest installment of Mook of the Week. What a week it was. I actually encountered THREE candidates for Mook of the Year! It was hard to decide which one to use as Mook of the Week. After some deliberation Stig and I concluded the decision could only be made in the traditional Korean manner. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Thus we have our winner.

I was meeting my adult students at Dunkin Donuts for coffee instead of using the classroom. Being me I was VERY early. So I picked the best seat to observe the world outside. The same seat I saw last weeks Mook of the Week from. And it didn't disappoint.

While the light was red the Yellow Mook drove into the crosswalk and stopped. You could tell by the way he stopped that he was either going to pull a U or run the red and turn left. Then the green walk light came on. At this point he was just a typical mook. Blocking a crosswalk. Then he started moving forward. While people were using the crosswalk.

At this point he is through the crosswalk and out in the street. He stops. People are still crossing. A woman and child are just starting to cross. The green to walk isn't even flashing. It is still solid. Then he cuts his wheels and goes to finish the U-turn.

He came close to tagging the mook in the car who had been edging out even though the light was red. Thus blocking the other crosswalk. And even though he should be able to see that people are still using the crosswalk he stepped on the gas and sped off.

If ever there was a poster boy for Mooks this ricetard is it.

You sir, are the mookiest mook that ever mooked.

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