Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What the .... Chemical Warfare?!?!?

I had finished my workout and showered at the gym. Since I had time to kill before work I was talking with my friend, the woman who works the desk. Her English isn't good but between her bad English and my bad Korean, and having known each other 3 years, we get by.

Then two men barge in. One of them bellowing some nonsense in Korean. The other has what can only be described as a cross between a Sub-Machine Gun, mini-vac, and some sort of man portable water cooler. He is immediately demanding to know where to plug his contraption in. There is a 3rd guy in the hallway looking for something. (Turns out he wanted an electrical socket too.) The two "armed" guys are wearing face masks, the other isn't.

When he finishes bellowing at my friend I ask her what the kimchi is going on? She said something about cleaning or disinfecting. Ok. Liquid must be some kind of cleanser. Or cleaning mist. The building owner sent them. She also said the maskless guy said it was safe. Now the mouthy guy is making sure the windows and doors are closed. The Koreans are coming to the front to find out what is going one.

I look in the hallway and the guy is plugged in and the contraption is spewing out some kind of mist. It smells ... familiar. The guy inside is plugged in and spewing mist. The maskless guy who said it was safe ... is no longer maskless.

All of the Koreans are leaving the gym and heading into the hallway. Some are heading out onto the balcony area. The gym area is now getting foggy.

I sniff the air again. Fuck me! They are MoGi Men! They are spraying insecticide in the gym and hallway. Safe my ass!

This is one of those things that makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with people in this country. It is bad enough when you have those trucks or scooters going by outside spraying insecticide to kill mosquitoes. Kids will follow and play in the damn "smoke". But they do it inside an enclosed space while people are there too! What the kimchi?!?!?

I have never experienced this happening indoors before. Outdoors, yes. Too often. Hope I never experience it again.


  1. Yeah, I've seen this happen. All the kids at my school got sick two weeks ago and they chemical-bombed the place. Happens every two or three days.

  2. That probably took a year off your life right there.

  3. KRD

    Damn. I thought it only happened on the streets.

  4. DC

    Dunno if I can afford that. Can I sue them to get it back? :)

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