Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mook of the Week

Welcome to the latest installment of Mook of the Week. This week we see the Clown Mook. This kind of mook parades around in his pajamas.

There are a couple of hospitals in the area, odds are he was at one of them. The I.V. was a dead give away. It isn't strange to see people in pajamas milling around outside hospitals smoking cigarettes. It isn't the pajamas that make him a mook.

It is his actions. He ambles up to the crosswalk dragging his I.V. stand. Ok pulling it as it is on wheels. He can't be bothered to wait on the sidewalk at this busy intersection he has to stand on the road.

It turns out he was heading across the street to a 7-11 in order to get some smokes. A mook with no smokes can lead to more problems.

On his way back he once again has issues with patience and logic. Why walk on the sidewalk when you can walk on the street. At this point he decided to lift the I.V. stand up and carry it, as he would be stepping down onto the street. Being a mook he didn't pay attention to his surroundings. Ok that also seems to be a trait of most Koreans. And some hilarity ensued.

He lifted his I.V. stand, tube and all, into the branches of a tree. It took him a minute or more to free it. Then he stood there cursing at the tree. As if it had deliberately offended him and would understand him. Then he mooked down the street to the crosswalk, stood in the street, and crossed at the next green. He was able to make his way back to his hospital without further incident.

You sir, are a mook of the 1st Order.


  1. I'll bet he said, "Mookmookmookshebalnamuchoahshebalmookshebalmookmookmook!!!"

  2. The 'mook of the week' is a great addition to the blog.

  3. Thanks. :) Once there are enough of them up I may have a vote for mook of the month ... year ... etc. :)