Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What the .... cultural stupidity?!?!?

I have a 3 hour break Tuesday and Thursday. I actually kind of like it. I get to get anything I need and still be home for dinner.

So, I am getting ready to head out. The kyopo says to me "What about the meeting?"

Shaking my head because I know what is coming I say "What meeting?"

She replies "Don't we have a meeting today? To go over the new computer program we will be using?"

I shrug and say "Evidently it isn't a meeting for me since I wasn't told."

She seemed shocked (she has become assimilated after all and said "But won't we (now she includes herself as a foreigner) have to use it eventually."

As I was going out the door I said "No idea. Can't plan for what I am not told about. They have my phone number if I am actually needed." With that I started to carry on..

This is typical Korean Bullshit, not being told about something. Nothing worth getting bent out of shape over. Not informing the foreign teacher has been a problem everywhere I have worked in Korea. Hell everywhere anyone I know has worked in Korea. Last minute notification is nothing new either. But it did bring a question to mind.

I went back into the teachers room and said "So, why are Koreans so lousy at informing people of things in a timely fashion?"

After blinking a couple of times she said "Oh it is cultural."

"Seriously? It is part of Korean culture to not inform people of things, sometimes important things, until the last minute or it is too late?"

She said "Yes, I think so."

Now keep in mind she isn't really a Kyopo. She was born and raised in Korea until the age of 18. Then spent 10 years in Canada. She may have a Canadian passport now but the Korean mindset is there. She was raised through her formative years in Korea. She should actually be able to tell you what is or isn't cultural.

I said "Well you have lived in Canada. In Canada we consider it to be stupidity not to inform people in a timely fashion. Or laziness. Especially when it is done repeatedly. You really think it is cultural trait in Korea?"

"I think so."

I left laughing. Basically I have just been informed that stupidity IS cultural. It is an intrinsic part of Korean culture. Wow. I don't think the collective will be happy with her answers when they hear them.

I mean I have always suspected it could be cultural. What with all the apologists and Koreanphiles trying to pass off stupid things Koreans do and say as being cultural. Add to that the stupid things Koreans do and say. To have it confirmed by a Korean. I never expected that to happen. :)


  1. Congratulations! Koreans themselves, time and again, have said it is cultural and today, finally,a damsel in distress (nice-uh...) confirmed it.

    On a second thought, dirty waygookins, on the pretext of PC, take zillions of years to understand that fact.

  2. Ajay

    Heh. It is always nice to have a theory confirmed. :)

  3. Yip yip. This has always been a part of my experience in Korea. There was a time when I used to spy on the Koreans. I would go through the paperwork on their desks and try to figure out what they had in store for us. I would try to organize the other foreigners to resist. But one or another of them would always cave, or fall for the lies that the dastardly wan jang nims would spin for them. Now I just roll with it. That's how I rorrRRrr.