Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't rock the boat!

There is something you can do if you want to fit in and be loved while living in Korea. Lie. Hold back. Never say what is on your mind if what you will do is criticize South Korea in ANY way. This is advice the Toad Man has been giving for as long as I can remember. If you are like me it falls on deaf ears. :)

For the most part Koreans don't seem to be able to take any criticism, whether constructive or not. Especially when it comes to South Korea. Criticism will bring out whole new forms of stupid as they try to show you that you are wrong, or as they try to defend against what you said. Even if it is indefensible. Look at some of the Korean net nazis.

If you want to get always be loved you have to hold back your comments even if true. The only time you seem to be able to get away with some criticism is if you trash other countries, especially the most hated ones (America, China, Japan) at the same time. For example, "The street I live on is filthy but Shanghai is filthier." They will hear "Shanghai is filthier than *insert city name here*." and all will be well.

It is kind of sad. especially when you consider how much we can and do criticize out own countries at times. It is kind of Beckian. (Glenn Beck) Thinking, even in the face of reality, that your country is perfect and can never do wrong. Or rather not being able to stomach others talking about.

I have freaked out more than one class by complaining about Canada. They would give the "holy shit" stare (when they understood). A few even said "Teacher, there is bad in your country?" Of course there is, no where is perfect. Only an idiot would think their country is perfect and could do no wrong. But I didn't quite say it that way to my students.

Hagwon owners are another good example of Koreans who can't cope with criticism. (Or co-teachers in the public schools.) If you question something they tell you to do you are criticizing them. Even if you couch it in diplomatic language that they understand. Even if they ASKED for your opinion., especially if it is an idea of theirs. Once you do that you become a bad teacher and a bad person. Everything must be great and happy in the Land of the Morning Calm. Or else.

So if you want to be a good drone and always be loved by Koreans never criticizing will help you. Of course you will never be fully accepted, unless you are Korean.


  1. mook ass country

  2. There's not much point talking to Koreans about such things unless they've travelled to countries that put them in the shade a bit rather than afirm Korea #1.Otherwise you're ascribing them a maturity they just don't have or aren't interested in.
    I sometimes think about supporting Korea when it comes to sport, but fukkit, they're just dicks. And who wants to be that trained monkey in an All the Reds shirt shouting daehanminguk? Just shameful. Have some fucking balls and buy your own damn drinks

  3. Even Koreans who have traveled abroad can succumb to this stupidity. They will trash talk the countries they have been too but get irate when you mention anything bad about Korea.