Thursday, July 22, 2010

What the ... qualification?!?!?

I have to start off with a big thank you to Gusts of Popular Feeling for translating and providing the transcript of Lee Eun-Ung's interview. Enjoyed the post too.

Lee Eun-Ung, stalker of foreigners and founder of the Anti-English Spectrum group, now called The Citizen's Movement To Expel Illegal Teachers of Foreign Languages. (Of course they only seem to be going after those teaching English.)

One of the things that stuck in my craw from the interview is the talk of "unqualified teachers" .

Lee Eun-ung:

That's right. There are qualifications to become an English teacher. Have you studied for 4 years at a university in an English-speaking country? With that simple qualification, many unqualified teachers have had the opportunity to come to Korea.

Eh? Many unqualified teachers have the qualification? I knew the guy was a moron but jeeze. If they have the qualification then they are ... qualified. Just like if you have a habit of saying moronic things you are a moron.

Qualifications, you must have a Bachelor degree. You must come from 1 of 7 countries that are acceptable to Korea. Although that is being altered to allow a few other nationalities in to teach English for less money. You must pass whatever checks and tests that Korea decides to throw at you. If someone is here teaching on an E-2 (or F-2) VISA they are QUALIFIED.

To hear dumbasses like Eun-Ung spout off you would think that most teachers were unqualified. Especially when he makes up statistics. And his interviewer, in a stunning display of the lack of journalistic ability I have come to expect from Korea "media", just laps everything up.

Anchor Seo Du-won:

So a teacher’s criminal record should be accurately confirmed before [deciding] one is qualified enough to be a teacher.

Yeah that is more important than confirming they have a degree or even teaching ability. It is the criminal background check that gives them the ability to teach? This guy must work for the Korea Times in his free time. What a fucking idiot.

Lee Eun-ung:

People who have married Koreans and become the spouse of a citizen. If you look at such cases, it’s extremely difficult to punish and deport such people.

Anchor Seo Du-won:

So in such a case, those who are arrested can in the end only be fined.

Lee Eun-ung:


Wow. I never knew that. Extremely difficult to punish and deport? I gotta get me one so I can go back to Korea and start kicking this shit out of assholes like these two twats with impugnity. Or maybe it is because of the use of blood money that it is difficult to "punish" them? You know, pay your way out your crime? Something the Korean variety of rapist will use to get out of trouble or to lessen his sentence. Of course it sounds like so much bull shit.

I love the way Eun-Ung would pull facts and statistics out of his ass and the joke of an interviewer would just accept it all. Oh well, the "interview" lived down to my expectations.


  1. Again, it comes down to that Koreans cannot accept any crime committed by English teachers. You don't know who will do something if they have never broken the law before. You just need to accept that. Last, describing isolated causes as major endemic problems should be defamation worthy. I think ATEK needs to hammer this guy in the media relentlessly.

  2. Ten bucks says this guy disgraces himself somehow. He'll probably get caught somewhere in a whore house, or someone will get a restraining order against him. Someone with good enough Korean skills ought to try to interview him for their blog. Just give him the type of interview that he deserves, and try to get the thing published in the L.A. times or something. When he makes some preposterous claim and then doesn't back it up with any facts; point it out in the article. The guy seems like a media whore, I think that he would agree to such a proposal.

    If not, just wait until his enevitable downfall. He's a ticking Larry Craig, Hwang Woo Suck, and George Reekers rolled into one. (Larry Craig was an anti-gay senator who got caught soliciting gay sex in a Minnesota Airport bathroom, George Reekers was a Christian anti gay crusader, who hired a "rent boy," to go on vacation with him.

  3. 3gyupsal that would be hilarious. :) Anyone out there have enough Korean to interview him?