Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Murder by Mook?

A tip of the hat to an anonymous reader for pointing out the Marmot's Hole article which pointed me to the Jongang Daily article.

We have talked a lot about the obliviousness and selfishness of many Koreans on this blog. Unfortunately, a prime example of it became a literal hit on the highway.

This fine example of a mook, who has the surname Kim, caused the deaths of 12 people and injuries to 12 others. According to the article her car had engine troubles so she STOPPED HER CAR in the middle of Incheon Bridge. She didn't pull it to the side of the road she left it iN THE MIDDLE. Then she walked to the shoulder and called her insurance agent. She just put her 4 way flashers on, a common site on a normal day in Korea, and left the car.

A 1 ton truck tried to avoid it but hit it. A few seconds later an Airport Bus tried to avoid the two vehicles but hit the car and went off the bridge.

What makes this story even sadder, and that bitch more of a murderer, is that she was told At THE TOLL GATES not to drive the car. It was reported that when the car went through the toll gates the driver noticed something was wrong. She pulled over to the shoulder. She was told by a toll gate worker not to drive the car. Of course she ignored it and got a whole 300 meters before stopping it again leading to the crash. What a bizzy ditch!

Police say the bus driver was also culpable for the crash because he wasn't a safe distance back from the truck and was not paying enough attention to the road. NO? Really? A Korean driver NOT paying attention to the road and what is going on around them? Say it isn't so!

A senseless tragedy that could have been AVOIDED if the drivers weren't mooks. 12 lives snuffed out because of some oblivious and selfish assholes. :(

I don't mean to make light of what happened with the references to mooks and murder. At the least these assholes should be charged with negligent homicide. Personally I believe that their gross stupidity deserves something stronger like a murder charge. Make an example of them.


  1. I don't know if you can charge the bus driver. I heard that he died in the crash. In my experience, airport bus drivers have been more of the sane ones, but you are right, the lady needs to be charged with negligent homicide.

    The whole transportation system needs a make over if you ask me. Intersections should have some marking like stop signs or something like that. Four way stops at small intersections could help a lot. A lot of the bullshit that happens in cars, happens because people don't know what to do. Rules aren't codified nor are they clear, nor does anybody seem to think that their actions have consequences.

  2. 3gyupsal:

    Well said.

    Education and enforcement is needed. I know I joke a lot about the drivers Stig and I would watch at Dunkin Donuts patio but often their antics took place in front of the police. And nothing was done.

    Stop signs. Definitely needed. Mind you I will never forget being told by a friend of a friend who worked for the Korean version of the DOT that stop signs would just confuse Korean drivers.

  3. That could be, but they can learn. Something needs to be done about unmarked six street intersections though. Someone should also do something about the legality of turning left while to the right of another car that is also turning left.

    I'm somewhat happy that I don't drive here, I just let my wife do all of the driving. I think that I would loose it.

  4. stupid korean mook bitch

  5. Korean drivers are all wannabe murderers. The selfishness and arrogance here means that anyone behind the wheel is willing to take a life just for the sake of their own pathetic little whim.

  6. I love mookgook. It's fantastic with galbi.