Friday, July 16, 2010

What the ... YouTube stupidity?!?!?

I used to use YouTube a lot. A friend, as he was then, got me started on it. He was addicted to it. It became a fun way of venting, kind of like blogging. Like blogging it also attracted a WHOLE lot of fucking idiots, especially if you mentioned something about South Korea.

The bulk of my videos weren't critical. But I would rant at times about things that pissed me off. I stopped posting on you tube regularly well over a year ago. In fact the first video I put since July 2009 was about being home.

Of course, none of that matters to the psychoes of YouTube. And the Korean Net Nazis are alive and well there. As I said in a previous post they just can't handle ANY criticism of Korea. Whether real or perceived. whether constructive or nasty. And like children they act out any way they can.

On YouTube, as on many blogs, this takes the form of posting comments. What they fail to realize is that they don't help their arguments and make Korea look good. In fact they tend to achieve the opposite. They make themselves look like idiots and anyone thinking they represent Korea would be left with a bad image of Korea and Koreans. Much like the KKKunts I mentioned in a previous post.

Some of the Korean idiots on the net have found the videos about racism and started leaving comments. The usual BS. Lots of profanity, sometimes threats of violence, while ignoring the issue of racism. Part of me is glad they are leaving them because I have found myself a bit bored lately and they give me something to do.

Last night one twit posted the STUPIDEST defense of Korea against racism that I have ever read. Actually I am not sure if it is a defense or not. It actually left me speechless once I figured out what it was saying.

MrKittycat331 said

"You are saying right I agree with but um ... but we (koreans) have racisms but we did'nt start it and not all koreans are racist we are not ONLY rascism people I agree with you but the some points I don't understand you You are not wrong but it is insult to korean people"

Let's break down what he said.

1) I was right about racism in Korea.
2) but Koreans didn't start racism
3) and not all Koreans are racist
4) and Koreans aren't the only racists
5) so he doesn't understand why I am bringing up racism in South Korea
6) However I was right
7) BUT pointing out the truth is insulting to Koreans
8) so no one should ever mention racism in South Korea.

Wow. I was gobsmacked again. All I could do was stare at the screen for a while as my brain tried to process the illogic of what MrKittycat331 said. It is staggering in it's stupidity.

The theme of his comment can be found in most of the "sentries" defending South Korea by showing their stupidity. Basically they say there is racism in other countries so it is ok if Koreans are racist. One of the funniest comments I read was this twat going by the handle ericroh123. He said:

"many koreans are racist but said all other countries are racist too so u cant be making video about just the fucken koreans being racist."

Almost as mind blowingly stupid as MrKittycat331's comments.

A lot of it reminds me of the whole Cult of Victimhood that Koreans seem to subscribe to. Especially when you get some of these idiots saying koreans aren't racist it is the jap and chink mother fuckers who are racist. They will try to defend Korea by making racist statements about non-Koreans. They remind me of that Grand Wizard on the KKKunt site, MidwestIndahm82. Oh well it is the internet and assholes abound. :)

Mind you, the pro-Korean whackjobs then attract the anti-Korean whackjobs. Both sides use racial slurs while whining about how racist the other person is. It is kind of amusing yet sad at the same time. It just makese me think they are all a bunch of racist assholes.

It is amazing how much time and energy this morons use on YouTube and websites attacking each other. One trying to trash the other for being a racist, the whole time making racist comments. They really need someone to unplug their computers and force them out into reality.

But I digress.


  1. The "we might be racist but so-and-so was racist first or worst" is a very childish "defense" akin to the "But she smacked me first" excuse that kids try to use on their parents.

  2. Perfect analogy Tamar. I wish I had thought of it. God knows I used it enough as a child, as did my siblings. It always worked better for my sisters than my brothers and I. Of course we were children, acting like children.

  3. Yeah that comment was simply redundant and looks a lot like a circle to me.

    It's a fact that some people cannot take any form of criticism, but I wonder why this is so strong in this demographic. I probably need to read some more sociology and anthropology papers to find a good answer.

    How has the move back home been on you?

  4. And that was a fairly moderate comment. Most of them consist of fuck you white trash die. Things like that. Which is why I didn't lambaste Mrkittycat331. ;)

    It has been good for the most part. Nice to be with family for more than a 1 month visit. Some minor culture shock, most with drivers (obeying traffic laws) and prices (too damn high).

  5. The only acceptable racism is against those rat-bastard fucking Muslims!!! Those pigs murder people!!!

    1. And another fucktard heard from.

      Sorry Princess, no racism is acceptable.