Sunday, July 11, 2010

Teaching kids

Discrimination is usually a good topic for free talking and high level classes as is gender roles. The two subjects can actually be merged when you talk about men doing jobs we traditionally associate with women. Society tends to look down on men that do those jobs.

When we see a man who is a hair dresser, secretary, or steward some people think they must be gay. It was ingrained into our heads that these jobs and some others were for women not men. Real men would never do those jobs according to the bigots.

When we see a man who is a nurse many people think, and some assholes say, "What? You weren't good enough to be a doctor?" One of my best friends has felt the bite of this kind of bigotry. He went into nursing and has worked ever since getting his degree as an emergency room nurse. He loves the job and those he work with love his skill and dedication. But he still has to put up with the odd asshole making gay or "not good enough to be a doctor" comments.

When we see men teaching elementary school some people think they must be gay or perverts. God forbid the guy actually says he enjoys teaching kids. Then the idiots think they MUST just be there to find kids to molest.

When it comes to homosexuals these idiots (the ones who think they just want to molest children) forget something very important. Being gay doesn't mean you are sexually attracted to children. But the tiny brain of the bigot can't comprehend that. They fear that if they aren't there cruising for kids then they must be there to convert the kids to homosexuality. Like I said, tiny brains. They just can't comprehend anything outside of the box their little life fits into.

When it comes to male teachers at the elementary level everything I have heard from parents and educators in Canada says the opposite. Schools would kill to get a male who wants to teach at the elementary level. They are in high demand. Many parents want a male teacher at that level too. They feel the kids can use a male role model during those years and a male elementary school teacher would do that.

There is a small segment of society, the tiny brained ones previously mentioned, who disregard reality and think their bigoted view is the norm. They are one of the reasons men STAY AWAY from teaching at this level. Fear of running into these morons and being attacked by them.

Recently on one web site a Korean-American "woman" going by the name of Angry Mother pretty much spewed out the examples of this stupidity that I talked about in some of my classes. He is the perfect example of one of these morons. Yes, I said he. Angry Mother sounds more like Angry Homophobe or Troll Man and not a woman. Spewing forth all the bigoted stereotypes that tend to be put out when one of them sees a man in a job we traditionally see as woman's work.

Here are some of the comments the troll made.

Angry Mother said...

It makes perfect sense. How many schools back home hire adult males to teach elementary aged children? None that I know of. There's a reason for that -- 1. parents wouldn't be at all comfortable with it 2. you really have to question the motives of a man who WANTS to teach little children. Any normal, well adjusted man would rather stick his dick in a blender than babysit children. But here in Korea every guy from Michigan, Manitoba, Manchester and Melbourne seem to be teaching kindy kids. And 99% of them are complete freaks. No way id allow my kid near one of these classes.

July 8, 2010 2:01 PM

Angry Mother said...


And dont even start with the whole "its something i really enjoy doing" bullshit. No grown man would want to do that as a career. Not only is it really embarrassing but its creepy too.

Qualified female teachers -- ok i can understand it. They are more nurturing and understanding. A grown man has no business whatsoever being in a classroom with small children. Period. And the more you dispute it, the more you prove my point. You are a freakshow loser trying to defend your lack of ambition, laziness and possible pedophilia tendencies.

Guys not qualified to work at a 7-11 in their home countries and molding impressionable young children? Wow, sign me up.

July 8, 2010 2:49 PM


How do your fathers feel about your line of work? You even tell them? I imagine them to be horribly embarrassed by the whole thing. All that money dropped into a post-secondary education to sit infront of a group of children who wouldnt bat an eyelash if you turned up dead in a gutter one morning.

Must be really fulfilling work repeating "banana" over and over again though.

Unless of course you are hiding a raging hard-on while doing it. Which woulnd't surprise me in the least with you lot.

Angry Mother said...

Here's a reality check for all your losers: most adults who work real jobs and have children feel exactly the same way I feel. Grown men have no business teaching kindy kids. Yes i know, i know I am a spiteful, horrible man hating cunt. Yet I have an ambassador for a husband who i love dearly and 2 young boys whom i also love dearly. And the accredited, international school they go to ONLY hires certified teachers -- non of which are male at an elementary level. Yah, as it should be and as it is the world over.

July 8, 2010 5:22 PM

Angry Mother said...

Read: ignorant and uniformed that their child is being cared for by a sexual predator. Way to go champ. Keep patting yourself on the back (and your children on the ass). You're accomplishing so so much. You must go to bed at night with a real feeling of accomplishment.

By the way, im Korean-American so i'll let you deduce my husbands country of origin. And even it was Zimbabwe or Yemen what does it matter to you? You're a racist and a child molester? Wow, Korea sure is continuing the trend of hiring the best of the best.

Angry Mother said...

If you teach kindy kids and you are male do the world a favor and jump off a building. Nobody will miss you. Especially the children who put up with the dancing monkey a few hours a week.

July 9, 2010 12:06 PM

When a female blogger replied to Angry Homphobe he got indignant.

Angry Mother said...

Wow, typical liberal western bullshit sentimentalism.

Hey airhead, since you claim to be an educator yourself, tell me, how often have you seen a male adult teaching primary aged children back in your home country? Dont bother answering because I know the answer: its zero. And why is that? Because NORMAL men dont want to do it and parents dont want grown men alone with their children.

And yes, a grown man applying for a job teaching kindy kids is fucking suspicious. As a parent thats just the way it is. They are either gay, completely fucked up or a child molester. To be fair to most of you male teachers, dont worry, i know most of you fall in that 2nd category.

July 8, 2010 4:06 PM

Angry Mother said...

I'll say it again. Any adult male teaching kindy kids is completely fucked up or is doing it strictly to make money. It's a crucial time in a child's development. Pardon me if i want my child being molded by a teacher who is certified, compassionate and actually wants to be there (as you see in elementary schools the states). Not some washed-up loser who is trying to make a quick buck like he's begrudgingly working construction for a summer to play some bills.

You people are fucked if you can't see this.


Of course the guy purporting to be Angry Mother also claims to be a Korean-American woman who is the wife of an Ambassador.

" Yes i know, i know I am a spiteful, horrible man hating cunt. Yet I have an ambassador for a husband who i love dearly and 2 young boys whom i also love dearly."

"By the way, im Korean-American so i'll let you deduce my husbands country of origin."

Unless, of course, "her" sons want to become Elementary School teachers. Then "she" will have to sacrifice them on the altar of "her" bigotry. Always nice to see the wife of an Ambassador trolling blogs. :)

Mind you if "her" husband is an Ambassador is "she" implying her husband is the US Ambassador Kathleen Stephens? That would make "her" a self-loathing lesbian then wouldn't it? If it were true. But like most of what spewed out of Angry Mothers .... pie hole ... it is just so much noise. Like a good bilabial fricative.

"i have a post secondary eduction -- a B.A in finance and an M.A International Relations. I had a private (and very lucrative) consulting practice for almost 10 years. And no, i've never worked a 9-5 job. My working hours were usually more in the range of 8am-10pm. "

Ah the old I am much better educated, employed, and wealthier so I am better than you ploy. Standard troll tactics. My husband is an Ambassador. My family loves me. I am better educated than you. I had a better job then you. I am better than you. Yet I still come trolling on a blog. Sorry "Mom" you get a FAIL on believability but a PASS on trolling.

I was going to say it is hard to believe someone is this bigoted and stupid but then again there is Sarah Palin. But I digress. This was supposed to be about the bigotry people face when taking jobs that traditionally go to the opposite gender.

I do owe Angry Mother a thank you even if "she" is just a troll. Next time the subject of discrimination and gender roles comes up I have some GREAT material to use to illustrate the assholes people have to put up with when taking jobs that are seen as traditional for the other gender.

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