Monday, July 12, 2010

Mook Of The Week

There are so many candidates.
Many are called, but few are chosen.
We'll get to 'em sooner or later, though.
I see so many when I'm driving, I wish I had someone riding shotgun to take the picture.
Like this morning when I was heading to my TESOL class. I came to the intersection just before the university, and I'm going to make a right turn (Clyde!).
The first available lane is open, so I can make the turn okay, but the next available lane is not open. Some dumb cunt has stopped and is chatting gaily away with another dumb cunt coming the other way. The both of them are blocking not only two lanes, but anyone who wants to turn into them from any of the other roads leading into the intersection.
They were still talking away after I had made my turn and was going into the university parking lot!
Fucking mooks!
But since I couldn't get a photo of them, this week's mook is the dumb fuck in an SUV, who has stopped in the middle of a six-way intersection. When mooks do something like this, I always wonder why they just don't keep going, rather than sit in the fucking middle and block the way.
Mooks don't usually pay attention to yellow lights, other than to speed up and make it before the light turns red. And even when the light does turn red, they think it's only a suggestion, and some of 'em keep going. This idiot must've thought he could make it, and then decided he couldn't. Of course, he stopped where he could cause the most confusion.

All of the other vehicles coming from the left had to bypass him to get through. They passed behind and in front of him. I would have let him know he was number one! (Hmmmmmm, what finger is that?)
You, you waste of skin, are a mook!

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  1. And then they wonder why accidents happen. Like the stupid bitch that caused the death of 12 people in Incheon.