Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mook Of The Week

You know, the way Koreans act and behave as a normal way of life makes me wonder why this country isn't a smoking ruin from one end to the other. Their foolish inattention to details (selfishly oblivious) should rain disaster down on their heads every day of their lives. They just have no common sense whatsoever.
Take this week's mook, for instance. He is one of two or three mooks who deliver liquid propane gas in and around Oksan, where my hagwon is. When the LPG trucks aren't racing around with their contents clanging and banging away in the back, one or another of them is parked on the same block at some time during the day, usually at night when they're off drinking soju and molesting schoolgirls.
This week's mook has taken the selfish obliviousness to a new level by parking his truck next to an open flame. The mooks in this town take to burning their shit (literally) whenever and wherever they want to, so there are days when the air is thick enough to chew.
Maybe he didn't park their when the fire was lit, so the mook doing the burning is the MOTW. All I know is, this was the situation when I left work Friday night.

Whichever is the case, we have a mook of breathtaking stupidity.
My hagwon is still there, but for how long?
You fucking waste of skin, you are a mook!

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  1. Damn sir! I say GOD DAMN. THAT is pretty mookish.