Sunday, July 25, 2010

What the ... peacemongering?!?!?

A friend sent me a link to a Korea Times article today entitled "FIFA praises Korea's efforts toward world peace." My first impulse was to just ignore the article. It is a Korea Times article which probably means it is either fantasy or garbage. Or both. Then, considering how many train wreck articles come out of the rag known as the Korea Times, curiosity got the better of me and I peeked at the article.

The first thing that struck me is that the article is written by an intern. They actually have interns? They "train" people on how to report? Or, since we are talking about the Korea Times how to report badly.

Then I forced myself to read the article. Considering how often the Korea Times, let alone other Korean so-called media outlets, have fabricated interview responses I found myself wondering if the comments associate with FIFA Chief delegate Harold Mayne-Nicholls were accurate let alone true.

According to the article;

FIFA delegation for the bid to host the World Cup in 2022 Sunday praised South Korea’s efforts to contribute to the world peace by holding the tournament.

Chief delegate Harold Mayne-Nicholls emphasized the most notable fact he discovered regarding the nation’s effort to host the football gala is based on world peace.

“I confirmed that Seoul’s endeavor is to deliver what today’s world needs most ― ’peace for men,’” the Chilean head said.

What the kimchi?!? Seriously?!? Korea's effort to host the World Cup is based on world peace? The MOST notable fact? Korean please! As with ANY country hoping to host the World Cup the effort is based on two things ... money and prestige. To try and seriously link it to a desire for world peace is disingenuous.

Considering the extent of prostitution in Korea one has to wonder if Mayne-Nicholls really didn't say "What today's world needs most is a piece for men." and the intern just twisted it around to make it look good.

Does the World Cup REALLY promote World Peace? Can any sport really promote peace? Especially when you take into account the hard feelings that exist anytime one side wins and another loses. I'm guilty of that myself, I still have bad feeling about the Argentine National team, especially Maradonna, because of the whole "Hand of God" bullshit. FIFA should worry more about fixing the glaring problems with officiating rather than worrying about being a source of world peace.

After finishing the article the title of it struck me as extremely disingenuous. Which isn't surprising considering the rag it appears in. The gyst of the article was about the FIFA delegation coming to inspect the football facilities currently available in Korea and to point out where improvements are needed for a proper World Cup bid. Something the world peace rhetoric seems to try and gloss over and distract you from.


  1. I don't know , it sounds about right considering KDJ got the Nobel Peace Prize for funneling half a billion to Father General

  2. heh ... hadn't thought of that. :)

  3. Mook of the Week submission

    I'm with my 8 months pregnant wife. We wave over a taxi. He does the quick taxi u turn. A guy out of nowhere just walks in front of us and gets in the front seat. The taxi driver looks at me like do you want me to kick this mook out? I just shrug my shoulders to not have to inconvenience the nice driver.

  4. Definitely a mook.

    It reminds me of a taxi ride once. I was in the cab when it stopped at a red light. A group of mooks were mooking it up on the corner.

    One of the mooks walks up to the cab, opens the door and sits down. The taxi driver was telling him no, the cab is taken. The mook didn't listen. His friends are yelling at him to get out. The mook didn't listen.

    He started arguing with the taxi driver about where he wanted to go. He kept waving his friends off and saying by. Finally I had enough. I tapped him on the shoulder and yelled in his ear in Korean "Do you want me to start hitting you, you son of a bitch?"

    He almost smacked his head into the roof and got a mookish look on his face. The one that gives the fake "Oh, I was doing something wrong?" He quickly left the cab after that and rejoined his friends.

    I thought the taxi driver was going to piss himself laughing the next few minutes. He really got a kick out of the surprsied look on the guys face and then the mookish one.

    At leats the mooks are good for entertainment sometimes.