Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr. Wonderful ...

... has a point. What you expected something else? :)

Something Mr. Wonderful, and others, have said time and again but the internet morons just ignore; If you don't like a site don't go to it. Move on.

Look at some of the people that are regularly make negative comments at his site. They piss and moan about how crappy the site is. They whine about how awful he is. The rant about the uselessness of the blog. Yet they keep coming back. If it were audio I would say they just like the sound of their own voices. Maybe they just like reading their own words?

I think of the YouTube idiots and the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes. Leaving out the more whackado ones ... why do they keep coming back for more? Do they honestly believe they will change anyones mind with their vitriol? Do they honestly think they are making Korea look good? (If they do then they truly are deluded.) Or is it just that they need to feel that they are important in some way? (Which would still make them deluded.) Are they just attention whores?

Since I started using Toad Man's site as an example I will keep going with it. There are times when it bores the shit out of me just as there are times it makes me laugh. Economics was never my forte. So, and this is a revolutionary thought if you are one of the internet idiots, I skip over that stuff. I ignore it and wait for something I want to read to come up. If nothing I found interesting in some way came up ... I would move on. It is wonderful thing, the ability to move on. :)

The YouTube idiots take this to new heights of absurdity. They troll YouTube to find things they don't like and then go on the comment attack. That is how they spend their free time? Hell, they may even be doing it during work time looking at home prolific some of them are. On the other hand, a job would probably interfere with their trolling so it is doubtful they have one.

How pathetic must someones life be if the best they can do is haunt a site they claim to hate and/or find boring? I can just imagine them talking about their life with friends.

"What did you do today John?"

"Oh I (worked/studied/goofed off) all day and then I went onto that website I hate and told them how much I hate it again. It is a boring site. No redeeming value."

"Didn't you do that yesterday?"

"Yeah, but I have to make sure my message gets through."

"Your message?"

"Yeah. I have to let people know how horrible the site is so they stop reading it. If I don't go on and keep letting them know the site is boring and no good who will?"

"Damn, I need new friends and you need a life."


  1. That was great! I just listened to that Living Colour song the other day. Flint, very witty. Keep up the good work!

  2. More elevator madness. The elevator in my apt. is coming up. It stops at the 8th floor. It comes up to the 13th floor (my floor) and I get on. There is already a woman in there. I figure that she got on at the 8th floor after pushing the up and down buttons. That's fine. However, the elevator stops at the 8th floor on the way down to the 1st floor. The woman gets out and is surprised to be back at the 8th floor rather than the first floor. She scurries back into the elevator and all I can think is MOOK, MOOK, MOOK, MOOKIDEE, MOOK.

  3. Mook Madness ... kind of like Midnight Madness but it isn't a sale and can happen anytime. :)

    It is always hilarious when you see the idiots do that. I can't count the number of times I have been on the elevator when some stupid mook did something like that.

    And the look on their face when they realize they aren't on the ground floor ... priceless.