Monday, July 12, 2010

What the ... Real Job?!?

"Why don't you get a real job?" is something you hear from internet morons and sometimes real life ones. I heard it a lot while working in Korea, especially dealing with the Korean Kimchi Kommandoes.

Exactly what do these brain trusts think a real job is? A job is something you do to earn money to live. If married to help support your family.

Well, when I worked in Korea I had a real job. I provided a service, teaching English, and was compensated for that. The compensation took the form of my monthly pay and my apartment. I made more than someone making minimum wage in Canada who was working more hours. I made ... and for you freaks reading this now is when your head will start to hurt because I am asking you to THINK ... a living.

Unlike some of these KKK assholes I also CONTRIBUTED to the South Korean economy. One of the things these wastes of space like to prattle on about when attacking people teaching English in Korea is that we are a drain on the country. We contribute nothing. A lot of these fucktards are sitting in their parents basements in the USA rambling on about how great the Motherland is. Many of them haven't even been to Korea. But THEY know what it is like in Korea and they contribute more than we stupid foreigners ever could.

Bubble bursting time morons. Those of us WORKING in South Korea contribute more to the country than you probably ever will unless you get off your asses and MOVE to Korea and WORK. We don't just earn a wage and send all the money home. Even the people who send a sizeable chunk of change home STILL contribute more than these KKK idiots.

I know these twits are confused right now. After all how could the foreigners who don't have real jobs possibly contribute? Well, for starters, we ALL pay taxes. Which the South Korean government uses to run the country. We also support local businesses with our daily living requirements. We don't import our food from our home country and never eat local. We pay for utilities. Most of this money goes into the local, not just the national, economy. Which is a bigger contribution than these Kyopo Kunts make, let alone the fanboys sitting in their parents apartments in South Korea playing Star Craft and whining about foreigners, make to South Korea.

Like it or now, teaching English in South Korea is a job. By any definition of the word. Some people may want to quibble or be self-deprecating but they are just fooling themselves. Not only is it a real job but it allows us to contribute to the South Korean economy.


  1. Yeah it is a real job, but it is also kind of a dead end job. Nonetheless, I'm happy to at least have a job rather than being back in Canada or America having to look for work or go back to college to become qualified in something.

  2. 3gyupsal

    I have to agree about the dead end aspect. (Unless you marry a Korean, save money, and open your own school.) Mind you a lot of the jobs I have had back home were like that. Places I wouldn't spend forever working at.