Monday, July 12, 2010

What the ... pedantic posting?

Chris in South Korea once wrote:

"I beg of you, for the love of whatever God / Goddess you believe in, to never mention the Yankee Nom / Idiot’s Tale blog ever again. It may well be a popular blog that reaches to people’s most basic needs (in the same way ‘Ow my balls!’ did in the movie ‘Idiocracy’), but it has nothing credible to assist people in Korea. I can’t believe it’s considered popular, and hope it fades into a meaningless existence."

What prompted him to do this was that in an online popularity contest ... I mean poll ... An Idiots Tale was winning. Chris' site wasn't. He felt that his blog was better because it is credible. That is, it helps new comers to Korea learn about things and gives travel information. While he felt An Idiot's Tale did nothing. (Except make people laugh.)

As I said back then, I don't usually go to his site. The few times I have gone I found it ... lacking. He tried, I have to give that to him. But for me, he failed. His pictures were ok but christ having 2 boring paragraphs describing an empty lot. No thanks. I was willing to admit that it could just be me. As Chris often whines, the site, especially the Life in Korea section, is more for newbies to Korea than "old timers".

Today a friend pointed out a post on An Idiots Tale. It talked about Chris' latest "helpful information" post. I have to say it just confirmed what I already knew. His site is pedantic. If I were a newcomer to Korea I would find it more insulting than useful because he seems to have an extremely low view of the intelligence of newbies.

In the aforementioned post, Chris came up with 4 ways to beat the heat in Korea. Reading that one would expect some insightful things. Places to go and things to do. If you expected that you were sadly mistaken. It isn't that his 4 suggestions were just bland or unimaginative. They were just so obvious that to actually use them in a serious post is crazy. His 4 points, with my comments, are:

1) Make sure your floor heat is off.

You would think that feeling it on would have someone asking their boss how to turn it off. I mean give people SOME credit. "Hey. My apartment is hot. My floor is hot. How do I shut it off? I know, I'll ask my boss."

2) Reduce the humidity.

Now this one, and the advice about the hippos, had the potential to be good. I never learned about hippos until well into my 1st summer in Korea. While they don't do much for dragging the overall humidity of a room down they are good for use in closets and enclosed balconies to prevent mold from forming. Chris' comment makes it sound the hippo will drain all the humidity from your apartment, which isn't true.

3) Use a fan or air conditioner.

How stupid are the people that frequent his page? Or how stupid does he think they are? I can't think of anyone that would need to be told this when they first get to Korea. It ranks up there with Ralph Wiggum informing Lisa that his cat's breath smells like cat food.

4) Eat ice cream or something cold. Once again ... what the kimchi?!?!? He thinks people have to be told this?!?!?!? Ralph what does your cat's breath smell like again?

This is the great information that makes his blog credible and helpful for newcomers?

In the comment section, there were only 4 comments, 2 are replies from Chris. One commentor hit the nail on the head. Mr T said:

"Are you serious? These suggestions are obvious things that a common idiot would or should know about. There is no real redeeming quality to this post."

That is a pretty spot on. I do think the Hippo stuff had some value but Chris missed it. Chris' reply basically ignored the gyst of Mr T's comment and, well, reality.

"@Mr. T - Posts starting with 'Life in Korea' are written/aimed towards those newer expats among us - not everyone knows to look for the controls on the wall, or to look for 'Hippo Packs'. Perhaps it's not as relevant to you or a more experienced expat, but there are far more 'newbies' than veterans."

What the kimchi?!?!? What the blue hell does there being more newbies than experienced people have to do with the fact that only an idiot would have to be TOLD to use a fan or air conditioner to stay cool? Only an utter moron would need to be told to eat ice cream to cool off. Nice of him to avoid mentioning those tidbits of advice in his reply.

Then I started looking at past "informative" posts.

How to get a haircut? He actually gives the tourist hotline number for people to call for help? I would suggest they do what I did ... ask their co-workers for help. It isn't rocket science.

Packing up, moving out, and moving in. You will need boxes. You should cancel your internet. Change your addresses to your new one. Throw away what you don't need. Clean. Jesus H MF Christ, are these people new to Korea or new to life?

I could go on and on but why beat a dead horse. If this is an example of a credible blog then give me the incredible ones because it sucks. I have seen better advice on Dave's ESL Cafe and that is something I NEVER thought I would say.

My advice to others would be what I am going back to do (at least until he posts something else this funny in its stupidity) which is ignore the site.

If you are new to Korea and need help talk to your co-workers or find a credible site and ask questions there. A site where you aren't assumed to have the IQ of a door knob.


  1. Eat ice cream? Can't he at least try to recommend something Korean like 냉면, 밀면, 막국수, or 매밀구수? All of those are nice cold things to ate in the summer. (I can't really criticize though, because I just recently wrote a blog post on my own site about how awesome salad is. I also don't really take any pride in my blog, nor do I try to bill it as something to help foreigners.)

  2. One of the problems with many of his "helpful" posts is that it gives the Korean but doesn't let the newbie know how to pronounce it. I mean if you are assuming they are so fresh off the boat they need to be told the most anal things, like use a fan to cool off, then why wouldn't you put the romanized pronunciation of the Korean? Or at least something phonetic?

    I guess what irks me is how he tried to talk down to anyone that didn't have a serious blog last year. About how they aren't credible and don't assist people. He came off as a pretentious ass and his blog not very credible.

    A blog is anything the blogger wants it to be. It is their outlet for whatever they want to talk about. Serious. Entertaining. Silly. Whatever. Even about salads. ;) If someone doesn't like it all they have to do is stay away from it.

  3. I agree. I have friends who post links to his shit on their Facebooks like living here is so hard...thank goodness for the white knight and his average photos of Taco Bell!

    My blog serves no use to anyone...and that's what I like about it. I don't think it is better or worse than his's just different.

    As for Mister Wonderful...whatever people think of him...he shits all over Chris as a writer. Chris isn't a writer...he's an informer...and a condescending one at that. Mr Wonderful...when he's on brilliant.

    I think that blogs suffer the most when the blogger starts to worry about how popular they are/aren't.

  4. Unfortunately, the banality of his posts can become addicting. Had I not read Idiot's blog, I never would have even heard of Clissy. Now I've been checking for new 'Life in Korea' posts almost daily. Thanks a lot Toad Man!

  5. Heh ... damn Toad Man!!! How could you!?

  6. He's followed up with "romantic getaways"

  7. Oh god. I can't bring myself to go read it. Maybe after some booze. :) I can picture it in my mind though.

    For a romantic weekend you need several things.

    1) Someone romantic.

    2) A place that has a romantic feeling.

    3) Romantic music.

  8. Had to go read the romantic getaways post after reading about it here:

    He mentioned a few subway stops in Seoul with parks next to them.

    Something else that stuck out was the mention of going to some Jjimjil bang. I know those places are relaxing, and nothing says romance like wearing wearing the same t-shirt and shorts with 50 other people eating eggs while sweating.

    Even in that post he managed to be condecending towards Korea in general in the fact that you can't see stars. But I digress; nobody is sending E-mails to me asking my opinion on romantic getaways.

  9. Glad I skipped it. :)

    So, 3gyupsal, what would you recommend for a romantic getaway in Korea? :)

  10. Japan. Well he did mention Tongyeong. I've never been there even though I live right next to it, but the whole south coast is actually quite breathtaking. Namhae has a lot of nice little "pensions," that you can rent and there's even a Hilton resort there.

    For around 300,000 a night you can go to a luxury traditional hotel in Kyeong-Ju. The place is made up to look like a palace and the rooms are quite large.

    The Asia Lakeside Hotel, in Jinju has a great Sushi restaurant, a nice French restaurant, a big porch that has a nice view of a lake and some mountains where you can sit with a loved one while sipping wine or beer.

    Actually, it shouldn't be too hard to find a romantic gettaway, just follow a rich guy until you find the place where he takes his mistress.

  11. Hell I have been in some great love hotels. 40K and it comes with a huge room AND big jacuzzi bath tub. :)

    The lakeside hotel sounds nice.

    Why anyone would recommend a fricking jimjilbang for a romantic get away is beyond me.