Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What the .... poor English ability?!?!?

I made it onto Korean Sentry and not just being referred to as Lousy Koreas Bitch. :) Man some of the people there REALLY aren't good at reading and comprehending English. I probably should have taken their level of maturity and intellect into account when writing what I did ... and dumbed it down.

I said:

"He (he being a Grand Wizard of the kleagle by the name of MidwestInsahm82) is also taking great pleasure in the fact Lousy Korea's site was shut down. It was shut down because pieces of shit like him made death threats to peoples kids."

The Klavern thinks that means I am accusing him of sending threats. Wow. And these people grew up in English speaking countries. Their level of comprehension is shockingly low.

MidwestInsahm82 if you are reading, and hey I know you are, it means that racist assholes like you made the threats. People who can't handle anyone having a different opinion or being different made the threats. The way they THINK, or rather don't think, reminds me of ... you. Why do I feel this way? I have read a lot of the shit you post on your KKK site.

Here is a sampling of comments he has made.

Talking about Korean women who marry non-Koreans"

"Little do these stupid yellowcab sellouts know that dating or worse, marrying a white or non-Korean male leads to marriage problems in the future, and even identity crisis for their kids.

I'm all for Korean-only marriage. I know this may sound off topic, but this is why horses that participate in races are PURE bred. Nobody wants to buy a cheap mixed-breed horse. Same with racial purity."

Talking about foreigners who complain about Korea.

"At least you're not like that n-ggah blackboon mike in Korea blogger who whines and gripes about "scrimination and shiet" 24-7 on his defunct blog. Or that youseok aborigine who plays the race card and poses and pretends that he's a black guy, because a lot of abrogines of australia look like black people. I find most of the hardcore anti-Korean racist to be black foreigners living in Korea. They try to bring white-guilt and their victimhood to Korea and the rest of Asia and also want to be treated like king"kong" and queens. LOL!"

Talking about foreigners in America.

"LOL! Armenians remind me of those messicans. They tend to be arrogant, pushy and cocky. A lot of them have dark brown skin and look like hispanic people. I didn't know that a lot of them are on welfare, though.

Exactly. This kind of shit happens to us Koreans and many other fellow Asians living in the US and other western countries. Yet, we don't act childish and immature by going online and starting blogs calling people racial slurs, or posting news articles that badmouth your host country."

THIS by the fucktard that started up a blog that was shut down because of racist comments and who makes them on the KKK site he so loves.

Then, talking about Black Mike's blog.

"His blos is titled "blackchild in kimchi kountry". Shows that he didn't finish elementary school because he cannot spell country correctly.

Man, these bloggers have no life."

Dude. You can't spell BLOG, what the fuck does that say about your education? And it is Mexicans not messicans you racist piece of shit.

Then there is the standard slur against Westerners.

"I hope that Korea and the rest of Asia realize that many of these western guys (hardly females!) who travel to Asia to teach English go there with the real intent of only hooking up with girls, molesting children, raping women, etc. "

followed by this

"Look, I'm not saying all the white westerners who teach ESl or English language in S Korea are bad people. But the majority of them go there to party, have sex with under-aged girls, molest children, etc. "

I am not saying all of them are bad but the majority are. What the kimchi? Oh yeah, almost forgot. The words of a fucking moron.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on. People like MidwestInsahm82 are a big part of the problem when it comes to racism. Unfortunately the rot is probably too deep in his brain for him to ever change. The powers that be on the site let him, and others, continue with their drivel which makes them just as bad.

To MidwestInsahm82 and the rest of the kleagle ... I have something to say ...

Go fuck yourselves.


  1. That Korean Sentry site is the absolute worst isn't it?

    The great irony is that they all admit that they would dearly love to sleep with a western woman (but if a Korean woman sleeps with a white man she has low self esteem!!) and most of them have never even been to Korea.

    Here are people who have never contributed to Korea in any meaningful way, slagging off people who educate Korean people of all ages, and pay taxes to the Korean government. They need to get off their keyboards, and get over here and do some work. Korea needs a little more walk and a little less talk methinks!

  2. I'm not saying these people are wastes of skin, and have obviously missed the point of being human.
    I'm just saying.
    I've got something to say.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  3. I hope they die. I'm not going to kill them or anything, but I hope that they all befall terrible, horrible accidents. Like getting stuck in their kimchi pots and suffocate on fumes.

  4. Burndog

    Well said. As I mentioned elsewhere these twats end up making Korea and Koreans look bad.

    They always ignore the fact that we pay taxes in Korea, we spend our income in Korea, we contribute more to Korea than they do.

    If Korea is as much of a paradise as they say why aren't they IN Korea?

  5. KRD:

    I'm not saying most members of Korea Sentry are useless pieces of racist shit. I am just saying a lot of them are pieces of racist shit.

    I remember reading a thread at Korea Sentry where MidwestInsahm82 and others opined about getting the nutizens from daum and naver involved. They wanted to get them to go after people but not ask them to so their hands were clean. Assholes.

  6. I found the blogs dedicated to me; and at the end of the day they were all dedicated to me, quite flattering.

  7. Mike

    Heh ...maybe he had some bromantic ideas in his head?