Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Youseok is back.

After a brief absence Youseok re-opened his blog.

Typical of many sites Wordpress never asked for his side of the story. They suspended his account with no notice. No discussion. According to him he could only contact them through a form letter.

That is one of the things about Youtube that used to piss me off. They never actually looked into complaints. They just suspended or removed people. No chance to defend yourself or even find out the full reason for their action. It is one of the reasons why I stopped using Youtube. Another reason is that I COULDN'T leave comments on my own videos or page because I am in Korea.

I can understand a site may need to quickly suspend someone but they should at least give a reason and allow for discussion.

Good luck at the new address.


  1. your link is wrong. it should be this

  2. Doh! Thanks anonymous. Didn't realize I flubbed that.

  3. It's a shame that they simply react to a complaint and downed the site... That's a pretty bad assault on free speech. By all means, look into the matter and if they judge him to be guilty of breaking the rules - and if cannot defend himself - then go ahead and down it. But it seems that it's easier to jump to conclusions. I had the same problem with MySpace many years ago. Someone reported me for no reason and my account was deleted - hundreds of "friends," blog posts and so forth... all gone. No fight, no complaint, no argument.

  4. WordpressareignorantlikeConsolemanMay 6, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    Interesting that the Korean in Australia who reported youseok actually runs the whose posters are likely to be the ones making death and violence threats to korean rum diary and other bloggers.

    'Consoleman' runs koreansentry which has racial slurs and just plain hatred (intellectually challenged tho most of those posters are). HE should be reported to the webserver he runs his nasty little xenophobic, pathetically deluded nationalistic website from.

    He ranted on his forum that he threatened legal action and so wordpress banned yuseok. What a crock of steaming shit. Wordpress needs a basic course in internet law.

  5. Yeah. Unfortunately the sites are more worried about possible legal problems instead of right and wrong.

    I tend not to report sites like that because having them out there allows people to see them for the whack jobs they are.

    Unless of course I have proof they are making death threats. Then I would be reporting them.

  6. It is more of a joke the wordpress term's of service. It literally says to get hits you should be controversial. According to KRD I was provocative.

  7. I think that they should at least ask the user to withdraw his material if in violation of the TOS. I mean, sometimes people don't realise. If you deliberately break the rules, fair enough... Perhaps... But I'm pretty sure a lot of people do something controversial and are reported and immediately kicked off without the chance to plead their case.

  8. I agree KRD.

    A friend used to use YouTube. He made a video and didn't pay attention to the music playing in the background. Youtube closed him down without an explanation. When he finally got one, months later, he was told that he was banned because of copyright violation based on the music.

    A couple of others I know were being stalked by some assholes. The assholes found out that if you make a complaint for any reason the site gets shut down while it is "investigated" but the investigation rarely takes place. They lost their youtube accounts because of that.

    The least they can do is really investigate. Get both sides. But it is easier to just shut someone down and move on than do some work.

  9. You, KRD and George in Korea seem to be the only ones supporting the guy. Keep up the good work. What the Kimchi is going up now as one of my favourite bloggers.

    Space Ghost