Friday, May 7, 2010

Betwixt and between.

I find myself wanting to use a phrase I found my adult students overused in the past, mixed emotions. So I decided to go with betwixt and between. I find myself in the strange position of going home, potentially for good, on Monday but not being entirely happy about it.

When I first left home for Korea it was hard. I was leaving my family, friends, and life for the unknown. Now I find myself in a similar position. 9 years is a lot of time to invest in a place. I have actually lived in the same place in Korea for the last 9 years. I have worked for the same boss for the last 4 years plus. While there have been ups and downs the last 4 years it has been a great time. I find myself having to leave behind friends, work, people who have become a surrogate family to me, students and a life I enjoy to go home. It is strange how things have a way of turning around.

It gets even stranger. While I am looking forward to seeing my family I am not that excited about leaving. Probably because of a lot of the issues of the unknown I first faced coming to Korea in 2001.

Yesterday was my last day teaching. It was rough. I almost lost it a few times as did some of my students. Ok, I did lose it and so did some of them. I have just been lucky to have so many great kids. There isn't one I would say I didn't like.

It is like there is a void in me now. For the first time in about 14 years I find myself with no job and having to start looking again when I get home. It is kind of scary when you dwell on it. And I do like to dwell. :)

Oh well. Time to enjoy my last couple of days in Korea.


  1. Yeah it is scary to leave Korea after investing many years there. I probably stayed too long in hindsight, didn't want to leave friends, relative comfort behind. You will be fine, put 100% into living a great life outside Korea and if you are still craving the place (I haven't yet) you can always go back. Korea is an interesting place and has many great aspects, but there are hundreds of other countries out there too. Most of us don't want to grow old in Korea even if it was viable (financially/visa issues et) hence it's about trying to leave at the right time.
    certainly not easy to tell when the right time is though. good luck with it all, sure you won't regret your decision.

  2. You will be missed.

    I'm not sure if you heard, but 'J' has opened a book on your return; the over-under is six months. I had him put me down for 5,000 on the under, not because I believe it, but because I WANT to believe it.

    In any case, good luck in all future endeavors, and I'm sure we'll keep in touch!

  3. Thanks. Either way I will stay in touch. :) After having to buy some things for the computer that should have been fairly cheap but cost and arm an a leg I wondering about things here.

    I heard J picked 8 months. Put your money on 6 or 3. ;)