Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fall of Youseok's Blog.

Another K-Blogger has vanished. YouSeok's blog is gone. This time the fall of a K-blog was not due to some piece of Korean Kimchi Kommando shit threatening to kill people's children. You could say Youseok was the master of his own demise.

In his desire to get at the KKKunts of the net he crossed the line and acted like one of them. This took the shape of him posting the name, phone number, and personal email of the head of the Kleagle, Consoleman.

Herr Consoleman filed a complaint with WordPress. com and they either archived or suspended Youseok's blog. It is a shame because he did some good with his site. However, posting the information was wrong. It is what we complain about the Korean netnazi's doing. It is the kind of thing that even the KKKunts under Herr Consoleman aren't stupid enough to do. Although they have talked about hoping the Korean netizens read their site, find out about people like Lousy and Youseok, and go after them. That way they feel their hands will be cleaner.

One of their Grand Wizards MidWestInsahm82, one of their more racist pieces of shit in the Kleagle, is already crowing about it. He is also taking great pleasure in the fact Lousy Korea's site was shut down. It was shut down because pieces of shit like him made death threats to peoples kids. Really something to be proud of eh? Can't say it surprises me to hear him being happy about that.

Lousy made me laugh a lot of the times. But she did cross the line sometimes, such as with the monkey comments. Youseok you were doing well until you crossed the line posting Herr Consoleman's information. I hope you get your site back up in one form or another.


  1. There's a part of me that is not upset that Youseok is gone. Bit of a spammer. I had to delete a couple of spam posts on my blog.

  2. I haven't had that problem luckily. Mind you as I watch the tumbleweeds roll through my comment sections I wonder if it wouldn't be a good thing. ;)

    I have to admit I was sorely tempted to start up a blog like Youseok's. If his hadn't opened when it did this probably would have been one. I was, and remain, so pissed off with and tired of the way foreigners get treated in the media here, especially the made up stories, that I was actually starting to collect articles from other countries (Koreans are REALLY despised in the Philippines. There were lots of stories there.) when he started his blog up.

    I am kind of glad I didn't head in that direction. I think it would have been too time consuming and just too negative.

  3. Of course the Korean-Australian can't handle the heat when it comes into his own kitchen.

    I'd say as an Aussie that I'd like to turn up at Mr Benon Ma's workplace in Australia and talk to his supervisor. Maybe I will.

  4. That is a trait of those like him. They can dish it but not take it.

    The sad thing is that a lot of people who don't know better see what these assholes say and do on the internet and associate all Koreans with it. Yet many of these KKKunts have little to no experience in Korea.

  5. My site is back up, and i only posted his email address and name from his own blog. My blog is at the new home http;// And the new format allows me time t work on my book Korea's Secret Shame. And this allows me to ban people.

  6. I didn't know that about his name and email address.

    Did WordPress give you a chance to defend yourself or did they just go and remove you?

  7. They just suspended me. I tried to contact them, but all I get is a form letter. I would appreciate it if you did a story on my new home. Thanks!

  8. Sounds like them.

    I will put up your new address. :)

  9. My God tamara1973 could you be anymore slef-involved. Then if you were you be Smee/Brian.

    Space Ghost

  10. No, if I was more self-involved I'd be "Space Ghost."

  11. Wait I have a question guys. Is consoleman Benon Ma? Is Benon Ma Chinese or Korean?

  12. Damn. Talk about forgetting about old posts. I forgot that Consoleman's real name was used here. But I digress.

    According to Wikipedia Ma is one of the most common Chinese surnames. It is also Korean. And Vietnamese. Are they connected somehow? I don't know.

    When it comes to Mr. Ma he is claiming to be "fully" Korean.