Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What The... Chemical Warfare III?!

You may remember from my previous post about the giant fans stationed outside of Oksan, spraying some kind of chemical disinfectant on every vehicle entering or leaving the town.

I always button up my car real tight, as who the fuck knows what this shit is. It's been installed to halt the spread of hoof and mouth disease in cattle, but it kind of reminds me of the hand sanitizer liquid that became popular here during the swine flu scare (following the mad cow scare).
But I've seen mook after mook on bicycles and motorcycles drive through the spray without even a helmet on, much less a mask or any other protection.
I just know that in the coming zombie apocalypse, these mooks are going to be the first ones in line to try and chow down on my brain.
Mmmmmmmmmmm brain.
Anyway, coming back from dropping Flint off in Incheon (of which more later), I passed through the toll gate to come into Incheon, and damned if there aren't more of these things set up. It was a different kind of device, though. They looked like speed bumps, and the chemicals were sprayed upwards, mostly on to the bottom of vehicles, but high enough in the air to cover the roof and windows.
I was a bit taken by surprise, and had to slow down in order to make sure my windows were rolled up. Sure enough, some impatient mook behind me beeps at me to hurry the fuck up. I let him know he was number one, and then finished rolling up.
But that's not the end of the story. I came into Cheongju at the main interchange, but every day on the way to work I pass by the west interchange. I keep expecting to see chemical sprays set up there, too, but nothing so far.
A-ha! A hole in the net! All you hoof and mouth spreaders out there, I've found the chink in the armour!
Good job, Korea!
What the kimchi.

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