Thursday, May 6, 2010

What the ... door stop?!?!?

Ok anyone who has been in Korea knows what it is like exiting an elevator. Those wanting in will be crowding in front of the door and trying to get in while you get out. I got to see another take on it ... and oblivious selfishness today.

The first incident was sadly funny. I was waiting for the elevator when an adjusshi and a grandmother show up. Her is slurping on an ice cream cone with his mouth open. Ice cream and cone remnants flying everywhere. When the door opens he slowly walks in. The grandmother follows but because he was so slow ... the door starts shutting on her. What does he do? Chuckle, grunt, and stare. I grabbed the doors to get her loose and then hopped in myself. Was I thanked for helping her? Of course not.

The HILARIOUS incident happened later. I had left on my break. When I was coming back, waiting for the elevator, it finally reached the ground floor. Some slack jawed yopkel was inside. As he stepped out he noticed me. So he had to stop, in the doorway, gasp "Waegukin!" and stare at me. And the door slammed shut in his sides. To which he started screaming "Aigo!" As I was laughing my ass off, pointing at him and saying "Pabo! Mungchunge!!!" He didn't seem as in good spirits as me as he hobbled away.

Fucking mooks. :)

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