Monday, May 31, 2010

What the ... bras?!?!?

I was listening to the latest podcast on Morning Calm Chaos when they started discussing bras. It harkened me back to my time at Ivy Hell in YongAm-Dong.

One of the other teachers, a Canadian woman by the name of C, and I were showing the new teacher, G from Ireland, around the downtown area. We ended up at Carrefore to do some shopping.

C had asked about bras before and I had told her that most Korean bras are padded or push up. How I know ... well ... a gentleman never tells. ;) I don't think she believed me because she HAD to take G to the clothing section to look at bras. Maybe G didn't pack enough bras. I don't know, they didn't tell. Regardless we ended up in the bra section.

Both C and G were amazed. MOST of the bras had padding of some sort. C was laughing at the sizes because even her training bra was bigger. (C had ... an ample chest. G's wasn't bad either. ) It was kind of amusing to see the women giggling over bras.

Thanks for the mammaries. :)

And thanks to the Morning Calm Chaos crew for another great podcast.

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