Sunday, May 16, 2010

What the ... delivery?

God damn I miss the delivery service you find in Korea.

I went to buy a new pair of sneakers at Sports Expert Friday. I have big, wide feet. They didn't have my size in stock but a store about an hour away has them.

"Great! Can you have them sent here?" I asked.

"No problem." says the clerk.

We go to the front cash and he gets my information. Then he informs me that they should be here the following WEDNESDAY!!! What the kimchi?!?!?

I ordered stuff in Korea from Seoul, which is further away, and had it the NEXT day! Hell, the boxes I mailed home arrived 5-6 days after I mailed them from Korea!

FIVE DAYS to get a bloody pair of sneakers 100km. I knew I would miss the speedy delivery in Korea but this is beyond pathetic.


  1. oh well, at least the chances are you won't have people running into you on the way to the shop to pick up your sneakers. or old farts jumping the queue while you are waiting in line to get them

  2. That is true. One of the benefits of being home is that people know how to queue and usually exhibit common courtesy.

  3. Haha, didn't think you'd come to miss Korean so soon.

  4. KRD:

    Me either. :)

    I knew delivery sucked in Canada (10-14 days is common) but damn I didn't think it sucked this badly.