Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mook of the Week

Welcome to the latest installment of The Mook of the Week. This time I show you a commonly seen mook, yet a mook with a purpose.

I don't know where South Korea would be without the cardboard collecting mooks. As Lousy often pointed out the garbage pickers and collectors are everywhere in Korea. Considering the amount of waste we see (Can you say over-packaging? I knew you could.) in South Korea someone needs to help with the excess. I would say that these mooks DO help control the amount of garbage out there. Mind you they cause problems too with their oblivious selfishness.

Even when there are EMPTY and/or LARGE sidewalks around these folks still insist on walking down the middle of the road blocking all in their way.

In this case, he was walking down what should have been a 2 lane but because of assholes parking illegally is now a one lane road. Across a bridge. I was lucky enough to have missed the impending cluster fuck by parking and watching from the sidewalk.

Thanks to being on a scooter I was able to find a quicker route around the ... cluster fuck and look at it from the other end. (Keep in mind just because you are watching a mook messing things up does not preclude another mook entering the fray. Such as the stupid bitch that, even though the sidewalks are almost empty, decides to walk down the street and add to the cluster fuck caused by the cardboard collector.

But I digress. With the sidewalks pretty much empty the cardboard collector blocked the road. Forced cars to back up. And then sauntered down the road oblivious to the problems he caused. Obliviously selfish.

Then he has to park out of the way, for a change, and look upon the BS he has caused. Odds are he still doesn;t understand what happend and just how mookish he is. That is to be expected of the mook.

And you sir ... are a Mook!

P.S. Lousy Korea seemed to be channeling through me. I felt obliged to throw some cardboard for this guy to collect.


  1. have some compassion for the poor people who have to lug around those heavy loads all day just to make a few bucks.

  2. No. If they use a little common sense and courtesy they wouldn't be mooks. They do provide a valuable service by collecting the cardboard and other recyclables but when they act the way this guy does they are mooks.

    One of my Uncles lived on the streets for years. He had a special cart for collecting bottles. I was fortunate enough to see him a few times before he died. When I told him about how many of the "collectors" here strut down the street blocking traffic when there are sidewalks to use he couldn't believe it. He wondered why they would piss people off like that, people who potentially could save you piles of stuff to pick up. He, a person who lived in a similar situation to them thought they were ... mooks.

    A little common sense and courtesy goes a long way.

    I saw one of these cart guys the other day. He left his cart on the side of one big sidewalk. It wasn't blocking the sidewalk or the road. He would walk up and down the street collecting cardboard and bringing it back to his cart. That man is NOT a mook. He showed both common sense and courtesy.

    I have compassion for those who deserve it and derision for those who don't.