Monday, May 17, 2010

Romeo & Juliet Churchill

I always wanted to try a Churchill cigar. Romeo & Juliet were the main suppliers of Sir Winston Churchill's cigars. He had a walk in humidor with around 3000 cigars in it. R&J named their flagship cigar in his honour.

The Churchill is handmade and measures 7" x 47 (178 x 18.65 mm). It is also classified as Julieta No. 2, Churchill. It weighs in at an average of 15.07 grams.

The aroma of the cigar pre-lighting was intoxicating. It was rich with the hint of cedar and a little spice. I was already drooling in anticipation. The 1st third of it was rich and kind of spicy. The 2nd third had a deep rich flavour to it. The final third was stronger but not overpowering. It maintained it's smoothness until the end. The end being a tiny nub.

Total smoking time varied between 60-90 minutes depending on the burn. using the Churchill method (poking a hole in the end with a wooden match in lieu of cutting the cigar saw it burn the longest and best.)

In Korea I can get one of these at Maskas for 34,000 won. It became my main cigar. It is worth the price.

I brought 2 home to Canada with me. For my brother and I to smoke together. I taught him the match stick method and he became a fan.

The Churchill is a fantastic smoke.

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