Friday, May 14, 2010

Mook(s) of the Week

Sorry for the lateness of this one. I am going to blame it on the trip home. :)

While I liked Airport City near Incheon airport there did seem to be an unseemly number of mooks driving and parking there. It was hard to pick just one mook. There was a veritable cornucopia of mookishness around us. We are only dealing with the drivers here. The pedestrians would require a post of there own. SO many mooks walking down the middle of roads while sidewalks are empty. But I digress.

Stig and I found a nice patio to enjoy an after-dinner cigar and scotch. You couldn't help but notice the way the mooks parked. Blocking cross walks and streets.

As the night wore on it would get worse.

Idiots like this would double park and start blocking the main road. Then came the tour bus.

The bus dropped off a load of mooks all dressed a like. They went to a restaurant for dinner. The hour plus they were gone the bus just sat there blocking the one of the two lanes on the road. Other mooks would see him there, like the white car above, and just park behind him. They really Koreaned people using that road.

I haven's seen so much mookishness when it comes to parking in one day before. A new high, or low depending on your point of view, for Koreans.

To all of those poor drivers and parkers. They take garden variety mookishness and raise it to new levels. You sir(s) are mooks of the 1st Order.


  1. You forgot to mention that before they got back onto the bus, the bus mooks tried to see how many of them could fit into a convenience store. It was like a clown car!
    I was behind a mook this week. I was coming up to a corner to make a right turn, and the mook in front of me stopped half-way around the turn to let his woman out. The light's still green, so at least we have the right of way. Except the crosswalk light is still flashing, too. We'd better watch out for pedestrians. And... yes, his woman is going to cross while there's still time. But no! He goes to pull ahead, cutting her off! True mookishness at work!
    I wait a second to see if she's going to try again while the crosswalk light is still flashing, but she's too demoralized, and just stands there, vacantly staring at the crosswalk.
    Oh well.

  2. Getting back on the motorcycle is great... but it reminds me of one thing: Koreans can't drive for shit. A nation of idiots, losers and wannabe murderers are given weapons when they're allowed behind the wheel. I want Korea to become a No Drive Zone. Seriously.

  3. Stig

    Damn how could I have forgotten the clown car store. They crammed a LOT of mooks into there.

    He cut off his own ex-passenger? What a mook!

  4. KRD:
    That is one of the things I have noticed being back home. People KNOW how to drive. Even the worst driver I have seen in the last 4-5 days doesn't compare to the drivers I have seen in Korea. Instead of worrying about Crazy US Cow or hoof in mouth, they should worry about ricetarded Korean drivers. They would save a LOT more lives that way.